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<h3>Cooks’ Tools Registry Favorites</h3><p>When newlyweds start their life together, a major key to happiness is learning to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of work, cooking and cleaning – and maybe even raising a family – as a team and with a smile on their faces. Having the right tools for the job is a huge help. That way couples spend less time on tasks and have more time for romance, candlelight, movies and friends. At Williams-Sonoma, we want newlyweds to be happy. We offer tons of <u><a href="">kitchen tools</a></u> that fit your cooking style and personal preferences to get your marriage off to a great start. With these tools, you’re ready for everything from grilling to entertaining and everything in between. Check out our registry favorites for cooks’ tools to get inspired when creating your registry as a couple. It’s a great way to let people know what you need and what you want.</p><br><p>A natural first choice is a complete set of tools. Kitchen tool sets cover the basics – and the more the merrier. For cooking, it’s a good idea to have a couple of large spoons for working with soups and stews. A smaller spoon is a must for stir-fries and sautéing. And spatulas are important for any menu, from breakfast to dinner. Tongs are another good idea, especially if you prefer to use an <u><a href="">electric grill</a></u> for healthier chicken and meat dishes.</p><br><p>What’s the difference between wood, metal and silicone cooking tools? Well, here are some of the advantages of each. <u><a href="">Stainless-steel spatulas</a></u> and spoons are favorites of pro chefs. That’s because they offer more strength and precision. They also have a much thinner edge that slides underneath eggs and browned proteins effortlessly. But, not every cooking surface can handle metal tools. And that’s where wood and silicone come in.</p><br><p><u><a href="">Wood</a></u> spoons and spatulas are lightweight and strong too. They also give the kitchen a sense of warmth and family. They don’t scratch or damage non-stick surfaces like metal tools can. Another plus is that wood tools have wide handles that are easy to grab. Wood spoons usually have a medium work area that fits into small spots with no problem. They’re a good choice for stir-fries and dishes without a lot of liquid.</p><br><p>Silicone tools take care of sensitive pots and pans too, but offer an especially hygienic working environment. Bacteria has nowhere to hide because silicone isn’t porous and doesn’t develop any type of cracks. One aspect of <u><a href="">silicone tools</a></u> that goes both ways is the material’s flexibility. With an edge that molds itself to the contours of your pan, it’s easy to stir sauces and liquids. You won’t have any problems picking up specific pieces of meat or veggies, turning them or serving. But that flexibility also means that scraping stubborn or sticky foods – which isn’t usually a problem with our high-tech nonstick pots and pans – is a challenge. If that’s a problem for you, one solution is to look for something with a nylon core for some added strength with the same benefits of silicone on the outside.</p><br><p>Pick out tools that cater to your cooking style. Crazy about grilling? Let people know that by selecting tongs, turners and pronged forks for your backyard or balcony <u><a href="">grilling</a></u> spot. We also have specialty tools for creating your own mouthwatering pasta. And if pizza is right up your alley, get equipped with scrapers and spatulas that let you work with an outdoor pizza oven.</p><br><p>Look for things that save you time. Slicers, spiralizers and dicers cut down a lot on food prep and still produce excellent results. The same thing goes for graters, garlic and citrus presses, and a good mortar and pestle. They all maximize flavor without eating into your schedule.</p><br><p>Don’t forget about entertaining. Not everything needs to be practical only. Stainless-steel surfaces are elegant and beautiful too. Sleek spoons are essential if you like to serve guests right at the dining room table. Salt and pepper grinders are a chic twist to a tabletop classic. Make a great impression with <u><a href="">bar tools</a></u> or wine decanters and aerators depending on the type of occasion.</p>


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