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Kitchen Shears

While a good set of knives is indispensable for an active home kitchen, there are some jobs even a freshly sharpened, beloved chef’s knife isn‘t right for. From spatchcocking a chicken to trimming fresh basil and chives from the bush, a good set of kitchen shears will transform some seemingly mundane kitchen tasks into something simple and easy. Much better than your average pair of craft scissors, kitchen shears have specific engineering and craftsmanship that make them strong enough to cut through thick stems and easier to clean and disinfect than shears that aren‘t intended for culinary tasks. Williams-Sonoma has assembled a selection of strong, durable kitchen shears for you to choose from.

If you don‘t already have kitchen shears, you may not be aware of what you‘re missing. If you‘ve ever had a package of food that‘s been hard to open while you‘re in the flurry of putting a recipe together, having a pair of kitchen shears would have saved you the trouble of having to wipe your hands clean and pry the package open. If you have mobility or motor skill issues, kitchen shears can help you perform delicate tasks, such as trimming the fat from a piece of meat, that may otherwise be difficult to perform with a knife. From snipping chives into tiny bits to breaking down poultry and even quickly cutting a freshly baked pizza into slices, kitchen shears are handy for a variety of tasks.

In addition to chopping herbs and deboning meat, some kitchen shears are built for tasks you may not assume a pair of scissors to be capable of. These shears have what may look like a useless open area with teeth on their inner handles. But these teeth are actually grippers that can allow you to pry the top off of a stubborn bottle of beer or crack anything in a hard shell, from nuts to crab claws. Some of the shears we offer also have an additional bottle opener area, allowing you to flip the cap off of a bottle with ease, while others have herb strippers and small blades for opening boxes integrated into the handles and grips. In a pinch, you can even use the tip of one of the blades on your shears as a flathead screwdriver in case a screw on a cabinet door or handled pan needs tightening.

While many knife sets come with a pair of kitchen shears, it may be necessary to add this all-important tool to your cutlery collection as a separate purchase. We offer kitchen shears made by big names such as KitchenAid and Shun. You can pick a set of shears that matches the brand of your knives or branch out and shop based on features rather than brand. Some kitchen shears separate easily to facilitate better cleaning, preventing the buildup of food particles in the overlapping parts where the two blades meet. For added convenience, select a pair of shears that are dishwasher-safe, which makes disinfecting much easier after you‘ve used your shears to break down a piece of raw meat.

Because they‘re made specifically for culinary tasks, your kitchen shears will prove themselves useful as multifaceted kitchen tools in ways that ordinary scissors could never match. From trimming the green parts of chard and kale from their stalks to cutting fresh-made pasta into edible lengths or removing the inedible tips from chicken wings, kitchen shears can find a useful place in any kind of kitchen, whether you‘re an omnivore or a vegetarian. Introduce this handy tool into your kitchen and you‘ll see why professional chefs and enthusiastic culinary hobbyists consider kitchen shears a must-have item.

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