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Tongs & Forks

No serious cook would be without a wide array of utensils in the kitchen. Even those with more novice culinary skills quickly learn that tools such as tongs and forks are indispensable when cooking and serving food. Whether you’re working indoors on the stove or in the oven or you step outdoors to a grill on the deck or patio, a pair of tongs will enable you to grab, turn, flip, reposition and serve with ease. Standard tongs have a claw shape that enable easy grasping, but other styles are also available for specific purposes such as turning larger items or serving salads. Tongs and forks at Williams-Sonoma might be stainless-steel, covered with silicone, or even made out of specialty wood materials.

Copper tools add distinctive charm and style to the kitchen. From spatulas for turning to slotted spoons for stirring ingredients in a stock pot, copper tools are both strong and incredibly beautiful. Choose measuring cups, mixing bowls, a utensil holder, a vegetable peeler, a garlic press and knives to round out a kitchen collection. Heavy-gauge stainless-steel forms the foundation for the utensils, and each one is carefully covered with copper plating. The high-quality manufacturing process ensures that the tools remain shiny and lustrous for many years. These utensils are also dishwasher-safe.

When equipping a kitchen, cutlery is no place to skimp. A full knife set will give you every tool you might possibly need, including carving knife, paring knife, bread knife, utility knife, chef’s knife, kitchen shears, sharpener and more. You might also opt to build a knife collection with separates, choosing a chef’s knife, bread knife or Nakiri knife separately. Storing knives is another consideration, with some chefs opting for a wooden block while others prefer to mount a magnetic bar on the wall. An electric sharpener ensures that the blades remain sharp. Don’t forget to add a cutting board to the kitchen to give you an ideal place for food prep.

For the cook with a penchant for baking, a collection of baking tools and gadgets will make breads and pastries into works of art. A nonstick bakeware set covered with copper ensures delightful baked results every time. Cooling racks in a variety of shapes and sizes allow efficient cooling of baked items on the counter. A set of mini loaf pans is ideal for baking enjoyable treats such as banana bread, while a muffin pan will turn out perfect blueberry muffins every time. Add adorable accessories such as season cookie cutters for delectable desserts.

When serving family or friends a memorable meal, entertaining gadgets and tools will help you host a successful event. Choose engaging items such as a copper ice bucket, a copper party tub, a hammered copper bowl or a copper tray with brass handles for serving. A home bar with copper hammered bar tools would be distinctive for serving guests. Even tableware accessories such as copper napkin rings or a copper hurricane will help set your dining table apart. Don’t forget essentials such as a cake stand for serving an unforgettable dessert.

Anyone preparing food will need a full selection of tools, and a tool set is an ideal way to stock a kitchen. Stainless-steel sets include essentials such as spoons, spatulas, whisks, ladles and more. Cooks who prefer silicone can choose full sets of tools with silicone coating for non-stick cooking. Specialty sets include professional tools such as a garlic press, bi-level thermometer and potato masher. Wooden sets are made from olivewood, walnut and maple. These heirloom tools will remain beautiful for many generations.

Regardless of your cooking skills, adding tools such as tongs and forks to your kitchen and more will ensure that the dishes you prepare are memorable.

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