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Colanders & Strainers

Strainers & Colanders

At Williams-Sonoma, we know that the right tools make all the difference in the kitchen, which is why we offer a wide variety of strainers & colanders to help you get the job done perfectly every time. Our strainers and colanders are available in a variety of materials ranging from silicone to stainless-steel to suit your needs and match your existing kitchen cookware. Opt for skimmers and pasta forks that you can use to taste test food without breaking delicate noodles and to easily remove foods from boiling water or oil.

Strainers are ideal egg tools that are helpful for making perfectly poached eggs. Use a fine-mesh strainer that ensures all the water is removed so that you’re left with an evenly shaped, smooth, and tender white. Simply place your cracked egg into the strainer and gently swirl until all watery liquid drips off. Then, add your egg into the saucepan of simmering water for perfectly poached eggs each and every time. Our fine-mesh skimmers are also ideal for effectively removing the smallest particles from soups and stocks, making them versatile tools that can conquer any mealtime.

Our strainers are ideal citrus tools that you can use to create sweet, summer lemonade or even as a bar tool for the perfect cocktails at your dinner party. Use a large strainer to create large batches of juice for drink dispensers that are right at home at large brunch events. Opt for a smaller strainer that you can set directly over drink glasses when working with citrus fruits. The strainer allows the fruit juice through, but prevents seeds and pulp from getting into your drinks and even salad dressings so you don’t have surprise, bitter bites of seeds anymore.

Strainers and colanders are kitchen powerhouses and can be particularly useful as cake and cookie baking tools. If you’re making delicate batters such as angel food cakes, you’ll want aerated flour, and strainers are perfect for this use. Simply sift flour through the strainer to prevent clumping or pilling in soft doughs. You can use the strainer to flour countertops for rolling out pie crusts or even decorate your holiday cookies in seconds with powdered sugar and a fine-mesh strainer.

Strainers are kitchen staples that you can use for draining water and as cheese tools for making fine French cheese right in your own kitchen. Mozzarella, ricotta and farmer’s cheese take only a few minutes to make and don’t require any special tools. Simply use your fine-mesh strainer in place of a cheese-cloth when making ricotta and queso fresco by adding a few sheets of paper towel into the strainer. Use the side of a colander to grate fine cheeses and you can even make homemade hard cheese; just make sure to choose a colander that is large enough to hold at least half the amount of milk you started with. Colanders and strainers are the workhorses of the kitchen and versatile enough to meet all of your needs.

One of the most common uses of strainers is in the cooking of pasta. Just pick out your favorite pasta and drain the hot water and pasta through the strainer to easily add sauce for perfect consistency every time. Reuse the starchy water that you boiled pasta in to steam veggies with a strainer by covering the pot with a lid. Cut down on cooking time with our pre-made pastas, including fettuccine and spaghetti, or invoke true Italian cooking in your home with homemade pastas using our pasta machines and drying racks. You can even pair your pasta dishes with a delightful salad using a salad spinner that removes water from leaves just as effectively as our colanders drain water.

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