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Synthetic Cutting Boards

With their easy-to-clean, minimally porous and durable surfaces, synthetic cutting boards are a must-have addition to every home kitchen. If you only have one type of cutting board, this should be it. Our cutting boards are durable enough to endure repeated cuts without suffering major structural damage or causing undue damage to the knife itself, a concern with other types of cutting boards that are harder and less forgiving. Williams-Sonoma has gathered a useful selection of the best cutting boards available, allowing you to pick the size, shape and thickness that works best for you. No matter which option you select, you can feel secure that you‘re getting a great return on your investment in terms of quality and longevity.

One of the major benefits plastic cutting boards offer over other soft cutting surfaces such as wood is its ability to clean up completely from potentially contaminating foods such as raw meat. Meat is completely safe when it‘s properly cooked, but if you plan to cut your meat prior to cooking, it‘s possible to cross-contaminate other foods if your cutting board isn‘t cleaned properly. For example, if you cut chicken breasts on a cutting board and then slice vegetables on the same board immediately afterward, you and anyone else who snacks on those raw vegetables could end up ingesting bacteria from the chicken that is normally eliminated during the cooking process. Synthetic cutting boards are simple to clean and dry, helping to discourage this kind of cross-contamination, and some even have anti-microbial components to further assist you in keeping a safe, clean kitchen.

Some of our synthetic cutting boards come with extra features, such as small knives or built-in strainers for over-the-sink prepwork. These features help make the cutting boards even more useful for your kitchen, and they can even keep you safe while you do food prep thanks to the presence of anti-skid grips made of silicone and other synthetic materials.

If you tend to use your cutting boards a lot while cooking and prefer to leave the cleanup for afterward, you may want to get a set of synthetic cutting boards that is color-coded to further discourage cross-contamination. These color-coded cutting boards also discourage flavor transfer; you use one board for fish and seafood only, one for garlic and onion, another for meat and so on. Synthetic cutting boards are excellent for this multi-piece set approach.

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