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Cookbook Holders & Recipe Storage

It has been said that an amazing meal is a combination of an incredible chef – that’s you – and a great recipe. You bring the innovation, intuition and skill, and your recipes provide you with inspiration. Recipes are like art: everyone sees them from a slightly different angle. The result is something flavorful and exciting that leaves your dinner guests in awe. Sometimes, it’s the little changes you give traditional favorites, and others it’s the inventive recipes you come up with yourself that impress so much. At Williams-Sonoma, we want you to feel free to express yourself completely in the kitchen with food you love. Your collection of recipes usually grows a lot over time. Looking for a way to keep them neat? Our cookbook holders and recipe storage pieces can help.

Because your favorite recipes and cookbooks represent you as a chef – and say a lot about your personality – they’re kind of an intimate thing. Some people keep little tips and tricks they learn tightly under wraps. That’s especially true with secret family recipes passed down by loved ones. Those flavors mean more than just delicious food – they’re tied to fond memories too. If you want to store your culinary inspirations in a lockbox, similar to a private journal, then go for it.

A recipe card holder is a practical way to save dozens or hundreds of recipes where they’re easy to get to. Like lockboxes, recipe card holders have an informal and personal feel. You can carry recipes along with you when visiting relatives or preparing a special dinner at a friend’s house. To put them back afterward, there’s no unclipping of pages or moving around necessary. Just open up to the spot you want, and your recipe is safe once again.

Another advantage of recipe cards is that blank ones are easy to keep in your purse or bag. Why is that helpful? Well, inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes, you’re watching a cooking show on TV, and others you just took a bite of flavors you didn’t expect when at a restaurant. All you have to do is whip out your recipe card and jot down your impressions so you don’t forget.

Your recipe collection is almost like a scrapbook of life experiences. It reveals something about the places you’ve been, the culinary and cultural influences you enjoy and what kind of artistic background you have. Maybe you’re passionate about fresh fruits and veggies. Perhaps you love to experiment with different kinds of marinades, rubs and sauces from around the world. One thing is sure, no one has the exact same take on cooking as you do.

Is it OK to ask people for a recipe if you like something they make? For example, maybe you just tried homemade Mexican mole or an authentic shrimp ceviche for the first time. Well, every culture is different, so it’s good to follow your instincts. Many people are touched that you loved the meal so much you want to learn about how it’s made. Exotic and international recipes can open up a whole world of possibilities for experimenting with classic American dishes too.

When you’re in the middle of cooking, having a cookbook holder is a huge help. It gives you a place to set your recipe or cookbook in plain view, where you don’t have to touch it or turn any pages. That way, if you need to double-check the amount of flour you need, for example, you can go back as many times as you want for another look.

With the benefits of technology, cookbook holders aren’t just for paper recipes. If you have a digital cookbook on your tablet, it’s just as easy to prop it up in plain view. In fact, you can even check out videos of recipes, new cooking or food prep techniques, or chat with family members at the same time. One handy tip is to put your tablet in a setting where the screen stays on so you don’t need to worry about pressing any buttons if your hands are full.

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