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Make Homemade Pies With Tart Pans

Successful baking requires the right tools. If you're preparing a pie to celebrate a special occasion or simply to enjoy a sweet treat with the family, then you need a tart pan to simplify your baking experience. These pie pans don't just make baking easier; they also make your pies look more delectable than ever before. So, explore the styles and features of these pans to find the right one for your kitchen.

Tart Pan Styles

With so many tart pan styles available in the Williams Sonoma collection, you might decide you need more than one. Consider the following styles that are available:

  • Deep-dish styles - If you're filling your pie with plenty of delicious ingredients, a deep dish style may be best for you. These styles also feature ruffled edges, which add decoration to the edges of your pie.
  • Mini dishes - Miniature pies are the perfect one-person dessert. Select from several available mini pie dishes to make a sweet but small treat for your next gathering.
  • Square styes - Think beyond the traditional round pie and opt for a square tart pan that delivers many options for creating delicious desserts.
  • Mini tart set - Create mini pies for a crowd with a mini tart set. Similar to a muffin tin, this set allows you to make up to 12 pies at once.

Key Features

Williams Sonoma's collection of tart pans boast an array of user-friendly features that ensure these dishes are durable and high quality.

  • Ceramic construction - Ceramic is a supremely durable material for tart pans. It retains heat well, which means your pie stays warm long after you take it out of the oven.
  • Durable glaze - These pie pans feature a hand-applied glaze that won't chip or crack over time, which means your pan will always be looking its best.
  • Even heat retention - Materials like Burgundian clay mean that these pie pans retain and distribute heat evenly, which results in even baking.
  • Various colors - These tart pans come in several colors, allowing you to coordinate them with other baking dishesfor a uniform look.
  • Nonstick design - Avoid the frustration of a dessert that sticks to the pan. These pie dishes include a nonstick coating that ensures every piece comes out clean.

Making pies gets easier with pie dishes in this Williams Sonoma collection. Whether you're baking for a crowd or yourself, you can find pie pans perfect for your home. In addition to stocking up on the right bakeware, pick up some baking mixes to inspire your next sweet treat. You'll be ready to entertain with the right tart pans in your kitchen.

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