Le Creuset Cast-Iron Bakeware

The Le Creuset Cast-Iron Bakeware is durable, practical and designed for cooking food evenly. The cast-iron pots and pans can be used to cook on the stove top or in the oven. And a huge bonus is that food gets a little iron added to it during the cooking process. So, the collection is sturdy and functional, but this line also looks really good too. Choose a color you like and the type of pot, pan or dish you need. Or consider getting a set to meet various cooking needs.

Griddles are ideal for cooking kebobs and bacon or toasting a panini. Use them on a grill outside on the patio or on the stove in the kitchen. The ridges help drain off any natural juices. Keep serveware like a platter or tray nearby to transfer the food from the heat source to the table. Platters with handles are useful for carrying food and for passing around the table. A round rimmed platter is great for displaying kebobs in a circle for a super table presentation.

The multi-purpose Dutch oven can braise meat, stir up a tasty soup, steam rice dishes and bake a vegetable casserole. With a tight-fitting lid, it seals in the juices or marinades in the recipe.

This collection we offer at Williams-Sonoma is so attractive it can go right to the table. An elegant table runner will make the table and the room fabulous, but it will also double as protection from the heat. Select one that suits the decor, like a textured basketweave design, a plaid, stripe or a floral pattern. Runners make a beautiful accent on the table while allowing the grain of the wood to show too, since runners only take up a fraction of your tabletop.

The Signature wok cooks food that is stir-fried, sauteed or steamed to near perfection. Woks are known for cooking Asian food, but they can also be used for many other types of food, including Italian dishes and Mexican. The tight-fitting lid is great for many recipes, but some call for splatter screens to allow the heat to escape, but not any grease or liquids.

Conjure up some really good gravies or sauces in the cast-iron saucepan from this collection. Or heat up veggies or boil some shrimp in the multi-purpose pot. You can serve right from the pot too, so keep some trivets on hand to protect counters and tables from the heat. The cast-iron keeps the food warm for a long time, so these products really are ideal for cooking and serving. To top it off, they are easy to clean.

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