Ruffoni Bakeware

Filling your kitchen with the distinctive copper of Ruffoni Bakeware and cookware promises to elevate your cooking and baking experience. These handcrafted pieces exude quality and tradition, ensuring that the food you prepare is nothing but the best. You’ll appreciate the exceptional heat conductivity that copper provides as you experience uniform baking and golden browning of your cookies, breads and pastries.

It’s easy to streamline your baking processes when you use Ruffoni Bakeware. These beautiful copper pieces heat quickly and evenly. The curves and ridges are all hand-lathed, which means exceptional quality. As you stir and fold batter with spatulas and turners, you’ll have confidence in the quality of the bakeware. Even heating and browning helps you turn out exquisite cakes and breads every time.

With a full arsenal of baking and pastry tools, combined with your Ruffoni Bakeware, the results can’t help but be spectacular. Whether you’re making pies, quick bread, yeast bread, cupcakes or other pastries, you’ll have the equipment you need for success. You can even use the handcrafted bakeware as beautiful molds for chocolates and jellies.

You’re sure to be proud to display Ruffoni Bakeware in your kitchen. The gleaming copper finish sets a distinctive tone when you hang or display the pieces above the stove or elsewhere in your kitchen. It’s easy to mix and match the bakeware with other specialty cookware you might have as well. From saucepans to skillets, everything meshes easily to help you create a work area designed for cooking and baking success. Hand-washing and drying with soft cloths will help keep your bakeware gleaming for many years.

Once you turn out a cake or cupcakes from your Ruffoni Bakeware, perhaps it’s time to pull out the pastry decorating tools to really make your pastries shine. From kits and tools for piping frosting to bright and festive cupcake papers, you’ll be ready celebrate with style. You can even use special fondant cutters to decorate your cakes.

Ruffoni Bakeware is designed and manufactured in Italy by master coppersmiths. This process began in 1962, and artisans continue the tradition today as they produce superior pieces. When you incorporate these Ruffoni pieces that we carry at Williams-Sonoma in your baking and cooking experiences, the results promise to be exceptionally beautiful and delicious. With frequent use, your bakeware will take on a delightful patina, which only adds to its appeal. You can also use a copper polish to keep the exterior of the bakeware gleaming.