Pancake Mixes

Treat your family to the sweet aroma of fresh pancakes drifting from the kitchen. It is the breakfast kids and adults alike enjoy waking up to. That is why Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of delicious pancake mixes that you can quickly turn into a delicious meal. And if you like pancakes, you may enjoy our waffle mixes, muffin mixes and mixes for dishes like doughnuts, crepes and scones too.

It’s easy to turn pancake mixes like our Flappin’ Jack or real buttermilk pancakes into an amazing breakfast, as tasty as a gourmet chef’s. Each pound makes about 14 light, 6" fluffy pancakes when you blend it with milk, an egg and melted butter. You can also add fruit, berries, nuts or chocolate chips to the batter to give it an extra boost. Serve it with your favorite maple syrup and butter, and you will not have to worry about having leftovers. A gluten-free option is also available.

For waffle lovers, most of our pancake mixes double as waffle mixes too. These batters are just as easy to make and are available in flavors like chocolate chip, blueberry, sweet maple and blackberry-lemon. Young chefs will be delighted to see their own canister of American Girl™ pancake mix. Bonding over a mixing bowl full of pancake batter with your son or daughter is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. The tasty results of your hard work make the experience even more rewarding.

If you want to try something a little less traditional, opt for doughnut, crepe, scone or muffin mixes. Our mixes, along with a few additional ingredients and your favorite bakeware, are sure to make even the novice cook feel like a professional pastry chef. The doughnut mixes come in a variety of flavors, and you can add creams, jams and fruit to the scones and crepes to find just the right blend of sweet and savory.

These pancake mixes and waffle mixes make excellent gifts, too. From gift baskets to stocking stuffers, it will be a delight to watch your loved one's face light up when she sees that canister. Because they are so easy to make and do not require too many special utensils, you can also buy a selection of mixes to send off with a young adult headed to college or as a housewarming gift for a friend buying his first place. The possibilities are endless.