Picking The Best Christmas Trees (Artificial and Fresh)

Picking a Christmas tree is one of the best parts of the winter holiday season. Get the whole family involved in the decision, so you can start debating the merits of all the different kinds of Christmas trees (artificial and fresh). Maybe you'll decide on one of each this year or a whole forest of artificial ones to decorate your outdoors.

What Are Christmas Trees (Artificial and Fresh)?

A Christmas tree is a real or artificial evergreen tree that couples or families set up during the winter holiday season to celebrate Christmas.

  • Fresh trees are grown in soil with sunlight and fresh air in a forest or at a Christmas tree farm.
  • They're beloved for their scent. Popular kinds of fresh trees include firs or pines.
  • Artificial trees look just like the real thing and can be used year after year in your home or outdoors.
  • Most trees are decorated with lights, ornaments and a dramatic topper, a special ornament for the top, like a star or an angel.

Why You Might Go with An Artificial Tree

People love artificial trees for their convenience. They become a centerpiece in Christmas traditions, too, as your family looks forward to pulling it out each year.

  • Artificial trees often come pre-strung with lights for a beautiful look without having to organize or store lights between seasons.
  • Stands come with your artificial tree so that you can easily place it in a living room, entryway or another spot you choose. It's easy to move, too, if you change your mind.
  • Make your home look like you brought in an interior decorator when you place similar trees throughout your rooms. Adorn dining tables or credenzas with tabletop versions that match your big tree.

Why You Might Go with A Fresh Tree

People who love fresh trees usually convince many families to get at least one.

  • The scent is glorious, a holiday-infused odor of forest and clean warmth.
  • It's fun for many families to go pick out a tree together.
  • Each tree you get will have its unique characteristics.

Don't Forget The Wreaths

No matter what you decide for indoors and out, make room for wreaths or garland in your home. Decorating entryways, like the front door or gate, helps your neighborhood look festive and welcomes all who enter during an important entertainment season. Think of front-door decorations as the foreshadowing to how lovely your trees look.