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Agrarian Tomato Shop

Tomato lovers know how good a freshly ripened tomato tastes. It’s delicious all by itself, in a sandwich, on a salad or in a sauce. Tomatoes are used in lots of dishes including sides, entrees and appetizers. They are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, biotin and potassium, so are a very healthy addition to a meal. At our Agrarian Tomato Shop, we offer items that can help you grow your own tomatoes and process you harvest into delicious meal accompaniments.

We have an Italian tomato press at Williams-Sonoma that helps with making sauces. The press has suction on the bottom to attach to a countertop making it simple to operate. It separates the skin and seeds from the juicy pulp. Its bright red color just looks like it was made for tomatoes. Because it is constructed of stainless steel, it is durable and built to last through many, many years of cooking. Put the strained tomatoes in a sturdy saucepan and add seasonings like basil, oregano and minced garlic. Saucepans made of stainless-steel and copper balance the heat in the pan for even cooking. Some of the saucepans have gorgeous designs on them and are quite decorative in the kitchen or moved to the dining room for serving. Simmer your sauce to let the ingredients permeate for ultimate flavor.

Cook pasta to go with your sauce. Gourmet varieties include fusilli, busiata and organic orecchiette for a twist on ordinary spaghetti. One of the pastas is shaped like a wine glass for a festive serving. Grate or shave Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to put on top of the pasta and sauce for added indulgence. Alternatively, experiment with the assortment of cheeses in the Italian cheese collection.

You can grow your own heirloom cherry tomatoes indoors right on your countertop or table. This way you can have a garden in a condominium or apartment. You can grow the tomatoes year round without weather concerns. Our seed kit includes seed pods along with spacers to keep the plants separated. The tomatoes can be harvested in as little as 15 days. The nongenetically modified organism seeds are free of herbicides and pesticides and come with a 100 percent germination guarantee. Watch the seedlings spring to life as they reach toward the sunlight by a window. Use the tomatoes when making salsa. Chop the tomatoes with habanero or jalapeno peppers, scallions, cilantro, cucumber and mango for a tasty salsa with healthy vitamins naturally included. Switch out mango for strawberries for another healthy, vitamin C-packed recipe. Serve the salsa in a chip and dip platter with the salsa in the middle bowl. Fill the outside of the platter with pita chips and garnish with extra cilantro or parsley.

Cherry tomatoes are delicious and colorful in salads. You might want to try your hand at growing your own salad greens and herbs in raised garden bed. Place the bed in a suitable location on the patio or in the yard. The beds come in various sizes to accommodate different space needs. Add nutrient-rich soil to plant assorted lettuce varieties. Wait for the lettuce to grow and pick it when it is flourishing. Pick the herbs that you want to grow as well. Then, a homegrown salad will be coming to your table soon complete with lettuce, herbs and heirloom cherry tomatoes grown in your own garden — just add oil and vinegar.

Speaking of salad dressing, you can make your own with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a little garlic and oregano, perhaps also grown in your raised garden bed of herbs. Try a truffle oil or rosemary-infused sundried tomato oil to sprinkle on the fresh salad. The oils and vinegar are good for dipping bread in too, especially with a little herbal seasoning. The premium bottles of oil and vinegar are wonderful gifts to give someone who enjoys cooking and dining on fine foods.