There’s not just one way to be your
healthiest self. Whether you’re eating keto,
following a paleo plan, or going meatless,
these inspiring bloggers and the recipes
they hand-selected from Williams Sonoma
can help keep you inspired. 

Cooking Paleo
with @NomNomPaleo

Cooking Paleo with @NomNomPaleo


“I don’t need to stress out
about counting calories,
balancing macronutrients
or starving myself.”

Michelle Tam
Nom Nom Paleo






Michelle Tam, aka the Martha Stewart
of Paleo, is the founder of the wildly
successful blog, Nom Nom Paleo. She
has a degree in nutrition and food
science and a doctorate in pharmacy.
She produced a Webby award-winning
cooking app with her husband, has
authored two New York Times
bestselling cookbooks, and has been
nominated for a James Beard Award.



Paleo Recipes


Cooking for Performance

with @FitMenCook

Cooking for Performance with @FitMenCook


“Results happen much
more in the kitchen than
they do in the gym.”


Kevin Curry
Fit Men Cook






Kevin Curry is the blogger behind Fit
Men Cook, a site that works to inspire
people to stay fit and eat
healthily—without sacrificing flavor. He
just released his new cookbook,
featuring more than 100 easy, quick
meal prep recipes designed to help
people save time, money, and most
importantly, live a healthy life every day.



Cooking For Performance Recipes



Cooking Ketogenic  

with @KetoKarma

Cooking Ketogenic with @KetoKarma


“It’s not that I can’t
have carbs, it’s that I don’t
want to have them.”


Suzanne Ryan
Keto Karma






Suzanne Ryan is the founder of Keto
Karma, and author of the
best-selling book, Simply Keto. After
struggling with her weight for most
of her life, Suzanne tried the Keto
diet and lost more than 100 pounds,
using her popular blog to document
her experience.




Keto Recipes



Cooking Whole30®
with @Primal_Gourmet

Cooking Whole30® with @Primal_Gourmet


“Take things day-by-day.
Thirty days seems like a long
time, but it’s really not.”


Ronny Joseph
Primal Gourmet






After a lifetime of struggling with
obesity and body image issues, Ronny
Joseph began a health journey that
changed his relationship with food and
inspired his blog, Cook Primal Gourmet,
where he shares easy and delicious
Paleo and Whole30® recipes.


Whole30® Recipes



Cooking Gluten-Free   

with @LexisCleanKitchen

Cooking Gluten-Free with @LexisCleanKitchen


“My balance will look
different than somebody
else’s. It’s about figuring
out what works.”


Alexis Davidson
Lexi's Clean Kitchen






After discovering the healing power
of food, Alexis Davidson was
inspired to start Lexi’s Clean
Kitchen, a blog that shows readers
that living a healthy lifestyle can be
simple, fun, and above all
satisfying. Her recipes target people
who are gluten free, paleo or just
love delicious food.


Gluten-Free Recipes