Meet Brandon Jew


Brandon Jew

“I grew up in San Francisco
taking the bus to Chinatown with my
grandmother to get the best ingredients
for Sunday dinner,” Brandon says.
“It’s this Chinatown that inspired me to open
Mister Jiu’s in this iconic neighborhood.”

We’ve partnered with Jew to bring home
modern Chinese flavors with our
latest sauces and seasonings. Brandon
explains, “They’re all super versatile and
make it easy to create my style of Chinese-
American food in your own kitchen.”

Award Winning Flavors

For Michelin-star meals at home, start with our collection from award-winning chef
Brandon Jew. From Moo Shu Pork to Ginger Scallion Chicken, we make it easy to
cook Chinese-style favorites.

Mister Jew's Sauces

1. Smoked Salt & Pepper Seasoning
“I was inspired to create this seasoning based
on roasting peppercorns with salt in a wok.
This seasoning is used in lieu of MSG to flavor
Chinese barbecue dishes, fried chicken and
squab.” - Brandon Jew  

2. Peanut Butter Hoisin Sauce
“This sauce is inspired by the sauce we add to
our duck, pancakes, and moo shoo pork at
Mister Jiu’s.” - Brandon Jew

3. Black Garlic Black Bean Sauce
“Made with fermented garlic and black beans,
this is a sweet, really earthy sauce that’s good
with pork ribs. It’s also great as a marinade or
finishing plate sauce.” - Brandon Jew

4. Chile Crisp Sauce
“A spicy condiment great on anything from fish
to chicken — anything you want to add spice
to.” - Brandon Jew

5. Ultimate Umami Sauce
“This is a great sauce for vegetables, and is
perfect in a stir-fry. Use it like you would soy
sauce or salt.”
- Brandon Jew

6. Ginger Scallion Wok Sauce
“More classically Cantonese, this sauce is ideal
for lighter dishes such as steamed fish or
boiled chicken.” - Brandon Jew

7. Sweet & Sour Wok Sauce
“This is my take on a traditional sweet & sour
sauce, with orange juice being reduced as the
primary flavor featuring notes of sour and
sweet from honey and vinegar.” - Brandon Jew

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