Healthy Eating, Morning, Noon and Night

Healthy Eating, Morning, Noon and Night

Whether it’s the crack of dawn, your
lunch break or the dinner hour, it’s a
great time to fuel your body with
delicious, good-for-you foods that will
keep you feeling great all day. Here are
some of our favorite ways to eat
healthy all day long.

Breakfast Juice Revolution >Smoothie Bowls >


Smoothie Bowls

Learn why smoothie bowls—pureed fruit sprinkled
with your favorite toppings—are all the rage, and get tips
on making your own.


Juice Revolution

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet by
making your own delicious juices. Get tips from
the pros, then come up with your own blends.


Lunch Build Your Best Salad >Test Kitchen Tips for Packing Your Lunch >


Build Your Best Salad

If a salad for lunch sounds boring, you’re not doing it
right! Learn how to combine a variety of flavors and
textures to make your most inspired salad ever.


Test Kitchen Lunch Tips

When it comes to making healthy, great-tasting
lunches, our test kitchen cooks are pros. Here are some
of their tips to shake up your lunchtime routine.


Snacks Air-Fried Snacks >Healthy Dips and Nibbles >


Air-Fried Snacks

Crunchy, savory snacks don’t have to be a guilty
pleasure. With a Philips Airfryer, you can easily make
healthy snacks with little or no oil.


Healthy Dips & Nibbles

Keeping healthy snacks on hand does more than
make your taste buds happy. They give you a boost of
energy, and they keep your appetite in check, too.


Dinner Fresh and Fast Weeknight Dinners >Better Than Takeout >


Fresh and Fast Weeknight Dinners

It’s easier than you might think to put a wholesome meal
on the table in less than an hour. Check out our recipes
for fresh and fabulous dinners.


Better Than Takeout

Why order out when you can cook your restaurant
favorites in the time it takes for the food to arrive?
Our versions are fast, fresh and healthier than
your usual takeout.


Desserts >


Healthy Desserts

For the perfect ending to a memorable meal, satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these wholesome treats.