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Stainless Steel Trash Storage

  • $249.95
    Designed with a host of award-winning features, including a fingerprint-proof brushed stainless-steel exterior, this generously sized receptacle comes with two removable plastic liner bins and natural charcoal filters to help keep garbage odors under control. Its two inner buckets and space-efficient shape make it easy to separate trash and recyclables in one place. High-grade brushed-stainless-steel exterior is treated with a fingerprint-proof coating. 14 1/2-gallon capacity.
  • $120
    An impressive combination of form and function, this sleek, bullet-shaped can has an open lid design for quick, easy access. Its durable brushed-stainless-steel construction, generous capacity and convenient lift-off lid make it an ideal choice for busy households. Lid design has an extra-wide opening that makes it easy to toss in trash. High-grade brushed-stainless-steel exterior. Lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change. Side handles simplify moving the full 16-gal.-cap. can.
  • $99.95
    A domed lid, polished-steel pedal and flared handles give this trash can a stylish retro look, but its state-of-the-art features are decidedly 21st-century modern. The brushed-stainless-steel exterior has a fingerprint-proof finish to resist smudges and wipe clean easily. Patented air-suspension lid closes slowly and silently and can be kept open for longer chores.Solid-steel pedal is engineered to withstand more than 20 steps a day for 20 years. Bag Tuck opening keeps the bag neatly out of sight.
  • $199.95
    All of the award-winning features of simplehuman receptacles come together in this striking contemporary design, crafted of high-quality fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel with a removable polypropylene liner.High-grade brushed-stainless-steel exterior is treated with a fingerprint-proof coating.Reinforced foot pedal is fitted on a solid-steel bar that wraps around the front of the can for increased accessibility.10-gallon capacity.Patented air-suspension lid closes quietly.
  • $139.95
    This trash can features a unique touch-bar near the lid for convenient opening from any anglejust give it a nudge and the lid automatically stays open until you're ready to close it. This can's slim profile takes up minimal space in the kitchen yet offers a 10 1/2-gallon capacity. Touch-bar allows for opening from any angle with a tap of your hand, knee, hip or elbow. Lid stays open until you are ready to close it, a helpful feature for extended tasks such as cleaning or cooking.
  • $39.95
    Designed to slip into a narrow space in your kitchen, this can is also exceptionally stable, and wont tip or wobble when open. It conveniently rolls wherever you need it on smooth integrated wheels. Slim design fits in tight areas and under most standard-height kitchen counters. 10.5-gallon capacity. Extra-wide stainless-steel foot pedal allows neat, convenient no-hands opening. Sliding lid lock prevents accidental opening by children and pets.
  • $149.95$199.95
    With crisp lines and a trim, elegant silhouette, this model is a space-efficient choice for any kitchen. Its rectangular shape is ideal for tucking into a corner or flat against a wall. Brushed stainless-steel exterior has a fingerprint-proof finish that resists smudges and cleans up quickly with a damp cloth. The solid-steel step pedal is extra-wide, offering easy access from different angles. Internal hinge allows can to sit flush against wall to save space.
  • $120
    Engineered to make the most of tight spaces, this slim, streamlined can is a great choice for busy family kitchens. Featuring simplehuman's durable brushed-stainless-steel construction, the generously sized can has a convenient open lid design that makes it easy to add trash. Sleek, space-saving can fits neatly into your kitchen area. Lid design has an extra-wide opening that makes this can quick and easy to access. High-grade brushed-stainless-steel exterior is treated with a fingerprint-proof coating.
  • $279.95
    A fresh take on retro style, the Kickmaster is a classic design by Wesco, a German company renowned for its distinctive, long-lasting kitchenwares since 1867. Bullet-shaped body is made from high-quality, strong sheet steel. Glossy powder-coat finish is rustproof and wipes clean easily. Sturdy step-pedal opening mechanism. Two stainless-steel flaps seal off odors and open completely to the sides, remaining clean even with heavy use. Flaps close gently and noiselessly.
  • $199.95$249.95
    The first sensor trash can from simplehuman with the sleek look and durability of stainless-steel. A quick wave of the hand over the lid's sensor zone triggers the can to open. Thanks to a smart multi-sense system, the lid stays open long enough for you to finish the job, then closes automatically. Made from durable stainless steel and black polypropylene. Sensor on lid detects hand motion directly above and opens lid automatically for truly touchless operation.
  • $49.95
    This space-saving trash can offers a large capacity thats great for busy households, yet it stands flush against the wall, away from foot traffic. The high-tech lid lifts with an easy footstep and stays open, then closes silently thanks to simplehumans patented lid-shox technology. Large-capacity can saves space by standing flush against a wall. 13-gallon capacity. Extra-wide stainless-steel foot pedal allows neat, convenient no-hands opening.