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Rustic Planter

  • $199.95$279.95
    The V-shape of this rustic, unfinished raised planter allows a range of soil depths, allowing you to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables. Plant deeper-rooted varieties like tomatoes and beets in the center of the bed and shallow-rooted herbs and lettuces along the edge. The elevated design of this planter makes it easy to use, requiring little bending to access the soil. V-shaped bed provides a range of soil depths to suit different plants.
  • $99.95
    Add a new dimension to gardening with our rustic vertical planter. Inspired by vintage wine crates, it's an easy way to enjoy the fresh flavors and aromas of homegrown herbs. No actual planting is required: simply place nine pots of herbs in the tray systemand harvest whenever you like. A space-saving way to harvest fresh herbs while adding lush greenery to your kitchen or an outdoor area. Handcrafted wooden planter can stand on a countertop or mount on the wall.
  • Sugg. Price: $695$795 Our Price: $556$636
    With their tapered sides, these planters are modeled after antique French wooden boxes used to harvest champagne grapes. However, though they have the rustic appearance of weathered wood, they are in fact made of durable cast stone. Trained artisans cast the planters, and apply a patina finish to complete the illusion. They add a long-lasting and attractive touch to patios and outdoor entertaining areas. 100% cast stone composition. No assembly required.
  • Sugg. Price: $69.95$99.95 Our Price: $55.96$79.96
    Modeled after tin baths favored by gardeners from the English village of Malmesbury, in the Cotswolds, these rustic planters bring the homey look of a relaxed country garden. Artisans create each planter by bending galvanized sheet steel into a tub shape, then applying color and wax to lend a natural aged patina. 100% zinc-plated galvanized steel with antiqued finish. Welded carrying handles offer easy portability. Available in three sizes to suit a range of spaces.
  • $34.95
    Whether you plant in individual pots or directly into soil, this rustic crate provides ideal growing conditions for delicate seeds, plugs and cuttings. Carefully designed to keep soil for direct-sown plants at optimum warmth and consistency, the crate also provides excellent insulation for potted starts. May be used as container for starter pots or for direct planting. Allows easy transport as growing requirements change. Surface-to-depth ratio calculated for optimum aeration and temperature.
  • $199.95
    Tend your vegetables and herbs at a comfortable height in this raised planter, which has a large bed to accommodate a generous amount of edibles. Its simple design utilizes unfinished rough-sawn cedar for a rustic look thats perfect for a home vegetable garden. Elevated design minimizes discomfort of bending down, is wheelchair accessible and helps prevent damage by pests and pets.