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Lemon Cake

  • $79.95
    The bright, tangy taste of Meyer lemons gives this luscious lemon cheesecake its sunny disposition. Handcrafted by chef Jamie Cantor and her team at L.A.'s Platine Bakery, the cheesecake is gently baked in a water bath to give it authentic New York-style richness. A crunchy graham cracker crust provides the perfect counterpoint to the tangy-sweet flavors of premium cream cheese, sour cream and pure lemon and orange oils, highlighted by the richness of Nielsen-Massey vanilla beans.
  • $39.95
    Our moist, dense Bundt cake positively brims with bright lemon and poppy seed flavor. Made by Sweet Things, a bakeshop famous for its tempting takes on classic American desserts, yogurt gives this cake its intense moistness, and a lemon-sugar soak over the top gives it a tart citric kick, while the poppy seeds add contrast and crunch. Delicious as dessert, it also makes a flavorful addition to Sunday brunch. 9" diam., 3" high (serves 1214). 4 lb. Shipped frozen to arrive chilled. Made in USA.
  • $85
    The harmonious flavors of citrus, almonds and vanilla shine in this luscious layer cake, handcrafted at L.A.'s legendary Platine Bakery. It begins with two layers of traditional almond pound cake, enriched with finely ground almonds and aromatic vanilla beans. In between the layers, a homemade lemon mousse filling adds bright, tangy flavors and a light, airy texture. For a decadent finish, the entire cake is covered in fluffy vanilla cream cheese frosting. Cake is 8" diam.; 4" high (serves 1520).
  • $54.95
    The heavenly contrast between the caramelized, crispy exterior and rich, delicate interior is what make this lemon poppy seed pound cake one of the finest weve ever tasted. Thanks to generous quantities of butter, eggs and almond paste in the batter, the cake is exceptionally tender and moist, with a mild almond flavor and floral notes of orange blossom water. After baking, the cake is brushed with a glaze of crystallized sugar and lemon juice that adds tang and crunch.