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Italian All Natural Sauce

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    The rustic cookery of the Italian countryside is famous for hearty long-simmered braises like veal osso buco. Our all-natural braising sauce makes it easy to cook this rich, savory dish at home, capturing all the depth and complexity of the classic preparation. Made with the finest all-natural ingredients, including traditional wines, vegetables and spices. Simply combine with browned veal shanks in a slow cooker or Dutch oven and simmer. 24.5 oz. Made in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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    Sicilian cooks are famous for their agrodolce sauces, whose name comes from the Italian words for sweet and tangy. Our version of the classic recipe begins with San Marzano tomatoes, red bell peppers, fennel and onions. We round out the flavor with sweet raisins and tangy red wine vinegar, adding capers and Picholine olives for a savory finish. The sauce is gently simmered for hours for authentic homemade flavor. Our versatile starter is a great way to get a memorable Italian meal on the table pronto.
  • $16.95
    Savor the bright colors and fresh flavors of sun-ripened tomatoes with this classic artisan sauce. We've combined plump, whole cherry tomatoes and San Marzano tomatoes, simply seasoned with aromatic basil and garlic to highlight their natural goodness. Ingredients are slowly simmered in small batches just like in Italian kitchens. For a great home-cooked dinner, simply heat the sauce and toss with your favorite pasta. 1 lb. 8 oz. Made in USA.
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    Considered the birthplace of pizza, Naples is famous for its pizzaioli (pizza makers) artisans so revered for their skills that they were once awarded honorable titles by the monarchy. Made using only the finest, freshest ingredients, our authentic pizza sauce brings the tradition to your table. Artisan pizzerias rely on slow-simmered sauces like these as flavor foundations for their signature pizzas.
  • $16.95
    The cookery of the Italian countryside is famous for hearty long-simmered braises perfect fare for chilly evenings and hungry guests. Our authentic braising base, made with white wine and portobello mushrooms, makes preparing classic chicken cacciatore easy.All-natural braising base is made with white wine, vegetables and spices and gently cooked for hours to achieve its delicious complexity.Simply combine the base with chicken in a slow cooker or Dutch oven and simmer.24.5 oz.Made in USA.
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    Preparing memorable meals is simple when you have this trio of wholesome, timesaving starters on your pantry shelf. A legendary specialty of Frances Burgundian countryside, boeuf bourguignonne is a hearty dish made with red wine, mushrooms, leeks and shallots. Showcasing the bright flavors of citrus and Chardonnay, our Meyer Lemon braising base is the foundation of a main course for family meals and easy, elegant entertaining.