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Flexible Baking Spatula

  • $14.95
    Our mini spatulas are full of heart and ready to assist with Valentine's Day preparation. Their slim size is ideal for scraping the corners of the blender or scooping from small jars, and their petite proportions make baking projects with the kids even sweeter. Set includes two mini spatulas with heart and "Be Mine" decorations. Heads are molded from flexible silicone that won't chip or crack. Heads withstand heat up to 600F and are removable for dishwasher cleaning. Solid beechwood handles.
  • $12.95$14.95
    Pastry chefs love these spatulas for all sorts of precision tasks. The offset handles and flexible blades provide the exceptional control required for icing cakes, smoothing batter and spreading fillings or ganaches. The design also ensures great leverage and maneuverability for lifting cake layers or transferring cookies from baking sheet to cooling rack. Flexible, angled stainless-steel blades provide great leverage and control. Squared-off blade tips facilitate uniform spreading and smoothing.
  • $12.95$14.95
    In professional pastry kitchens, chefs use these hardworking spatulas for everything from icing, frosting and glazing baked goods to assembling layer cakes and spreading fillings. Allowing you to work with precision and control, the long, slender blades are flexible enough to ensure optimal maneuverability, yet rigid enough to uniformly spread even the thickest ganaches. Flexible, stainless-steel blades provide great leverage and control. Squared-off blade tips facilitate uniform spreading and smoothing.
  • $12.95
    When it comes to mixing, blending, folding, scraping and spreading, this flexible spatula is an indispensable helper for cooks young and old. Our Easter bunny design makes it a charming addition to springtime pancake breakfasts and cookie-baking sessions. Flexible nylon head with cutouts. Handle is stainless steel with nylon grip. Dishwasher safe.
  • $10
    Life in the kitchen is easier when you use the right tool for the task. Our sturdy spatula is great for all sorts of everyday cooking and baking jobs, from scraping out bowls and saucepans to mixing ingredients. The flexible silicone head withstands temperatures up to 500F without cracking, melting or losing its shape. Part of our exclusive Open Kitchen collection, designed and developed by Williams-Sonoma. Heat-resistant silicone head. Durable, lightweight beechwood handle.
  • $7.95
    Use this compact spatula for lifting delicate cookies without breakage or jostling adjacent cookies on the baking sheet. The thin flexible head glides easily under drop cookies, pastries and other baked goods to promote easy release. Compact spatula lifts cookies gently without bumping others on the same sheet. Ideal for pancakes as well as drop cookies, small pastries and other baked goods. Spatulas rounded corner makes it easy to scrape dough out of spoon onto baking sheets.