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Dough Rolling Pin

  • $12
    The professional secret for perfect pre-baking and par-baking, this rotary docker quickly perforates even the largest sheet of pizza, pie or tart dough and it's infinitely more efficient than poking with a fork. Simply roll the docker across the dough, then bake as usual. The holes allow moisture and gases to escape, minimizing rising and bubbling for an even, golden finish. Ideal for tart shells, pie crusts, pizza dough and more. Durable, lightweight plastic. Dishwasher safe.
  • $39.95
    Our well-designed rolling pin lets you transform dough into a thin disk of pastry without stretching, tearing or overworking it. Crafted in the USA from one solid piece of rock maple. Its well balanced and has a smooth finish that resists sticking. An American-style pin, with a heavy cylinder mounted on ball bearings, which turns independently between two handles.
  • $19.95
    Roll your dough to the exact thickness called for in recipes for phyllo pastry, pie crust, pizza dough, lasagna sheets, cookies and more. Simply attach one of three included sets of discs to the pin for rolling thicknesses of 3/8, 1/4" and 1/16. Adjustable rolling height removes the guesswork when rolling dough. Rolls incredibly evenly for uniform thickness throughout. Locking handles on the pins ends screw in easily and ensure the discs stay firmly attached to pin while rolling.
  • $19.95
    The choice of many professional bakers, this traditional rolling pin is ideal for tasks like rolling out cookie dough and puff pastry and flattening an airy square of focaccia dough.Cylinder has a smooth rolling surface for exceptional maneuverability and precise control.Facilitates rolling doughs to consistent depths.Made in Maine of rock maple, a hardwood prized for its strength, smoothness and durability.
  • $39.95
    Preferred by French bakers, this handle-free rolling pin lets you feel the dough beneath your hands for exceptional control. Thanks to a silicone exterior, it is a practically foolproof way to roll out homemade doughs for sweet and savory recipes. Smart design promotes good results for bakers of all experience levels. Extra-long to simplify rolling out doughs to nearly any size. Seamless silicone surface is naturally stick resistant and instantly releases dough without tearing it.
  • $39.95
    In the Piedmont region of northern Italy, a small company crafts this rolling pin using wood harvested from local olive trees. Each piece has distinctive grain markings that make it unique. The scaled-down size makes for easy handling when you're rolling out dough. Crafted from Italian olive wood. Each rolling pin reveals a unique grain pattern for a one-of-a-kind piece. Compact size is easy to handle. Oil finish helps protect the wood's natural beauty. Wood will naturally darken with use. Made in Italy.
  • $89.95
    This pin is extremely effective at rolling out pastry dough, thanks to its heavyweight marble construction. It's crafted in Italy of untreated Carrara marble and finished by hand.Smooth, cool marble surface keeps the dough cool, a key to successful rolling.Heavyweight, untreated solid Carrara marble rolls evenly and efficiently.Each marble pin has its own veining, making it unique.Beech wood handles provide a good grip.Finished by hand.A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $24.95
    French pastry chefs use tapered, handle-free rolling pins like ours for exceptional control when rolling dough rounds for pies and tarts. The silicone exterior minimizes sticking and tearing and allows for easy transfer of dough to the baking pan. Extra-long pin lets you roll out doughs to nearly any size. Seamless silicone surface is naturally stick resistant and instantly releases dough without tearing. Will not stain because oils, aromas and food colorings cant permeate the silicone surface.
  • $14.95
    Crafted of premium hardwood with a waxed finish, our medium-length pin helps you roll out smooth pastry, pie crusts and cookie dough without sticking or tearing. Crafted in the USA from solid New England hardwood. An American-style pin, with a heavy cylinder mounted on a steel rod and nylon bushings for smooth, independent turning between two handles. Smooth wax finish resists sticking.