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  • $79.95
    In 1979, the owners of Elephants Delicatessen took over a failing deli in Portland, Oregon, turning it into a haven for made-from-scratch entres, sourcing all-natural, local ingredients. This collection includes two of their popular lasagnas, perfect for a quick entre. Just bake until bubbly for a simple, satisfying meal. These lasagnas are an easy, delicious option for working families and a thoughtful gift for anyone who is too busy to shop and cook.
  • $159.95
    Tom Perini of the Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap, Texas, is justly proud of this spectacular tenderloin. Each cut is individually selected, hand trimmed and rubbed with a signature blend of freshly ground pepper and herbs. Then its roasted to medium rare and mesquite-smoked using the traditional style of cooking that Texas settlers introduced in the 1800s. Delicious and versatile, its ideal for entertaining whether sliced thin as an appetizer, piled on hearty salad, or presented as an impressive main course.
  • $125
    The New York strip steak is a satisfying cutwith more fat than a filet, but less than a rib eye, plus a hearty texture and a rich, meaty flavor. It's always a good choice for grilling, and these New Yorks from Double R Ranch Co. are especially so. Thickly hand cut and laced with fine, even marbling, they'll stand up to marinades or rubs, but need nothing more than salt and pepper to be delicious Four hand-cut 3/4"-thick steaks; 12 oz. each. Shipped frozen. Product of USA.
  • $199.95
    True to its name, the lean tenderloin is the tenderest cut of beef. Grilled or roasted whole, cut into filets, wrapped in pastry for a Wellington or sliced thin for a stroganoff, it always yields delicious results. Double R Ranch Co., a family-owned ranch in Washington, supplies our whole tenderloin, selecting the choicest of their grass-fed, grain-finished beef for our Butcher Shop. 4 lb., 8 oz. (serves 8). Shipped frozen. Product of USA.
  • Sugg. Price: $19.95 Sale $9.99
    Chefs refer to stocks as the foundations of cooking. A delicious base for homemade dishes from soups to risottos, our premium stocks are prepared just as it would be in your own kitchen with all-natural ingredients, slow-simmered to capture their pure flavors. We use fresh, flavorful vegetables and meaty bones from poultry and beef humanely raised without growth hormones, in accordance with USDA regulations.