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Chinese Cooking Sauce

  • No longer available
    With just the right amount of sweetness balanced with spicy heat, our exclusive sauce makes it easy to recreate the classic Chinese-American dish at home. The ready-to-use sauce blends ginger, soy sauce, chili peppers and other flavorful ingredients. Just toss with fried chicken or beef in a wok or saut pan. It's so good, you may never order takeout again. 8 oz. Made in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
  • $14.95
    The secret to signature stir-fries, our timesaving sauces make it simple to prepare your favorite Chinese dishes at home even on busy weeknights. Preparation couldn't be easier just combine any of the sauces with your preferred stir-fry ingredients, then cook in a wok or saut pan. Our all-natural sauces help you whip up delicious Asian-style meals in a hurry. Quick and easy to prepare in a wok or saut pan. Great with chicken, beef, pork, seafood, vegetables or tofu.
  • $14.95$26
    Why order take-out when making your own is this easy? Our starter lets you make healthy, delicious Chinese lettuce wraps in minutes, for family dinners or party hors d'oeuvres. Drizzle them with our Sweet Chili Sauce for a hint of tangy-sweet fire. Made from all-natural ingredients, our starter makes it easy to capture the fresh, complex flavors of Asian cuisine. A sweet-tangy blend of shiitake mushrooms, soy and rice vinegar.