Autumn & Thanksgiving Dinnerware

One of the most special times of year, Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to come together, give thanks and be grateful for all that they’ve received during the past year. It’s a special gathering that fuses fun, football and companionship together for an entire day, complete with sumptuous foods and desserts. Having autumn and Thanksgiving dinnerware themes helps you feel more confident during your celebration. Integrating fall motifs with your already-established dining decor is an accomplishment, and one that gives you a great deal of pride during your Thanksgiving feast. Choose from a bevy of different dinnerware collections available from Williams-Sonoma.

When choosing Thanksgiving themes for your tabletop, think bright and cheerful. Autumn is one of the most wonderful times of the year, filled with bold and bright colors in nature. Bring that feeling right to your kitchen table with autumn and Thanksgiving motifs, such as sunflowers, pumpkins and turkeys. Opt for an entire matching set or build one yourself by choosing different pieces. For a complete Thanksgiving meal, you’ll want to select a few salad plates, dinner plates, platters, bowls and coffee mugs. Match bright fall themes with neutral-colored table linens to bring not only brightness but warmth to the room as well. Alternatively, match neutral-colored serving plates and dinnerware with bold table runners and tablecloths.

If you want to avoid traditional Thanksgiving and fall themes, but still want an autumnal, festive feel for the table, opt for serving plates and dishes with plaid designs or even white dinnerware. An interesting selection for your Thanksgiving table could be a set of white dinnerware with words and text on each place setting, such as “Grateful” or “Thankful,” adding a nontraditional yet elegant twist to your festivities. Plates and sets with fall leaves also add style to the table without being too over the top.

It’s also important to have a selection of charger plates, platters and other accessories for your Thanksgiving table. You may need a selection of platters to serve everything from the turkey itself to larger side dishes. Consider a platter with handles to make managing a bird a little easier, or a square platter for salads or some larger side dishes. Charger plates work well beneath each place setting to add an elegant touch, and tureens for the table allow you to place sauces and other condiments. Lastly, a gravy boat is a true must-have item for Thanksgiving. Select one that complements your existing dinnerware or opt for one with an autumnal theme just for the special day.