Thanksgiving Candles

One of the most heartfelt holidays of the year, Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family, friends and loved ones that you may not see often throughout the year. It’s an excellent time to reflect, express gratitude and celebrate. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, there’s a lot to look forward to, as well as plan. From fine tuning the menu to preparing the food, the festive feelings of Thanksgiving envelope you before the day arrives. Let us help you with the details, including the small ones that make a lasting impression with your Thanksgiving decor. Choose from a myriad of Thanksgiving candles available from Williams-Sonoma to enliven both your tabletop and dining room.

Tapered candles add a nice touch to any Thanksgiving table. Place tapered candles at different yet equal spots throughout the table to provide not only lighting but decoration. Choose from a myriad of colors to accent your existing color palette, or opt for simple white or beige for an elegant touch. Orange, red and black are other fine choices for the fall holidays. Our unscented candles are perfect for the dining area, so the wonderful aromas of your Thanksgiving feast take center stage. The super-refined wax is also slow burning, smokeless and virtually drip-free. Look for festive candle holders to bring a touch of joy to the table. White ceramic turkey candle holders are an excellent idea for Thanksgiving, and they work well with an assortment of different tapered candles. For a touch of simple elegance, opt for silver-plated taper candle holders. These candle holders offer a classic candlestick look that works well for Thanksgiving or any other dinner engagement you’re hosting throughout the year.

Pillar candles also work well for your Thanksgiving tabletop. Similarly to tapered candles, choose pillars in an array of dazzling fall colors, such as red and orange, to enliven your Thanksgiving decor. Match bright and bold pillar candles with clear hurricane candle holders, so you can see the magnificence of the color on your table. A silver-plated pillar holder also works well for the tabletop. Match both silver tapered and pillar candle holders together with different types of candles for a unique, eclectic look on the table. Tapered candles also work well with individual, small candle holders, while pillar candles offer a rustic, antique look when placed in a lantern-style candle holder. Match your candle and candle holder colors with an assortment of Thanksgiving table linens, to offer a complete and polished look in your festive dining room.