Turkey Carving Knife & Tools

Carving the perfect turkey during your Thanksgiving Day feast requires a little imagination, forethought and the right turkey carving knife and tools. Our selection of razor sharp carving knives and tools allow you to cut beautiful slices on your turkey without tearing or ripping apart the meat. You may consider carving a turkey as an art form, and great art requires great tools. Our selection of knives, tools and carving boards give you the flexibility to make precise cuts that won’t keep your friends and family waiting to dig into your delectable bird.

Our selection of carving knives allows you to choose from two-piece sets up to 10-piece sets. Each set of carving knives includes stainless-steel blades and you can choose from traditional, gold, silver or copper plating. Our collection of cutlery gives you the freedom to select the right knife for the job. You may need one of our 8.25" carving knives with a wide blade for larger turkeys, or you can choose one of our simple yet effective two-piece sets that include a compact, razor-sharp carving knife with stainless-steel handles and a carving fork.

If you plan on preparing a banquet for your friends and family on Thanksgiving Day, you may need a variety of cutlery tools to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our seven-piece knife block sets come with an entire assortment of knives and tools, including a 3" paring knife, a 6" utility knife, an 8" chef’s knife, an 8" bread knife, a 9" honing steel and piercing stainless-steel pull-apart shears. A handy little hardwood block stores all the pieces in your set.

In order to carve precise, flawless slices on your turkey, you need the right carving board for the job. Our selection of carving boards not only help you slice your way to turkey paradise, but you can also order personalized monogramed carving boards that put a stamp on your brilliantly sliced Thanksgiving Day main course. Our selection of carving boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including oval, square or extra-large, which truly saves you time and energy when you’re dealing with a large turkey. Each carving board has its own unique design, and each board is crafted out of specialty woods, including hard rock maple, walnut and cherry. Our carving boards are built to withstand even the sharpest knives, and each board’s design includes deep perimeters to collect those savory juices that drip from your fully cooked turkey.

If you plan on breaking away from a traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey and decide to serve a flavorful brisket or a tender and juicy prime rib, you’ll need the right slicer to trim and cut the meat. Our selection of brisket knives works as multipurpose slicers that help you create a perfect cut of meat, whether it is a brisket, ham, prime rib or turkey.

Our selection of cutlery tools does not stop at turkey cutting knives and cutting boards, but also includes poultry shears, carving forks and electric knives. Our classic poultry shears with stainless-steel blades help you trim and cut the bones, skin and fat from your turkey without ripping or tearing the meat. When you want to cut precise slices on your turkey, you’ll need a quality carving fork that holds your meat in place while you’re making precision cuts. Our Williams-Sonoma collection of carving knives not only simplify the task of slicing your meats, but they also serve as wonderful decorative pieces when you use them in combination with our selection of carving boards and knives.