Williams-Sonoma Pantry

A reliable set of casual, everyday dinnerware is a must for a well-stocked kitchen. From morning eggs and toast to family gatherings over a favorite casserole recipe, our Williams-Sonoma Pantry dinnerware set is the perfect choice. Crafted from high-fire porcelain, these solid white plates capture an enduring, subtle elegance that’s perfect for regular use. Equipped with a range of desirable attributes, these plates, bowls, mugs and platters are oven-, dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so they’re prepared for all the minutiae of daily life in a home kitchen. Though they’re perfect for a family home, the dishes in our pantry collection are restaurant grade, with extra strength and durability to help them stand the test of time.

Though they feature no color or pattern, the plates and bowls in this collection have a subtle elegance thanks to design details such as a delicately raised edge on the outer lip. Even the coffee mugs have little touches of interest to help give a sculptural beauty to everyday dinnerware. These design details aren’t purely aesthetic, though; as the Williams-Sonoma Pantry collection focuses on utility, features such as the raised outer edge help make these dishes easier to eat and drink from. The combination of elegant beauty and durable design makes these dishes a favorite with our loyal customers. Embrace this collection and you’ll find a satisfying addition to your kitchen collection that lasts for years to come.

Williams-Sonoma Pantry dishes are perfect daily staples, but you can dress these plates and bowls up too. For special occasions when you don’t want to break out the fine China, pairing pieces from this collection with a decorative charger plate can be a good compromise. Similarly, this dinnerware collection is suitable for use on brightly colored or intricately patterned tablecloths. They are strong enough for regular use, but these dishes also have a carefully crafted sense of luxury that won’t be out of place at a formal event.

As a perfect showcase for our commitment to quality and culinary utility, the Williams-Sonoma Pantry dinnerware collection is a much-loved favorite. Just as a workaday meal can be lovingly prepared and irresistibly delicious, these platters, plates, bowls and mugs are quietly stylish workhorses that stand the test of time. You can choose a full set of everyday dinnerware from the collection, including ramekins, soup bowls, salad plates, dinner plates and serving pieces. Strong and classic, these plates are just as perfect in a modern minimalist’s home as they are in the French-inspired kitchen of a grand estate.