Riedel Grape

Whether you’re a dedicated wine enthusiast or a casual gourmand who appreciates a well-presented and delicious glass of wine, chances are that you‘ve enjoyed the use of Riedel crystal at least once before. Family owned and operated for 11 generations, Austria-based Riedel is the premier name in high-end wine vessel manufacture. With craftsmanship and design techniques perfected over the course of nearly 300 years, this world-renowned company continues to impress with each new innovation. Riedel Grape is a continuation of this legacy, and Williams-Sonoma is proud to offer this beautifully designed line of glassware to add to or begin your collection.

The passion of everyone in the wine industry is a matter of care, from the vintner to the distributor or merchant from whom you purchased your latest prized bottle. The best way to honor that careful craftsmanship is to drink your wine from excellently crafted wine glasses. Riedel Grape glasses provide gorgeously rounded bowls attached to pulled stems to showcase and support the wine as you drink it. The company’s state-of-the-art machine blowing manufacture process results in a seamless stem that’s pulled out from the egg-shaped bowl. This adds to the glassware’s durability, but it also creates a beautiful v-shaped indention at the bottom of the bowl, creating a small chamber that reflects the wine’s beautiful color for your enjoyment.

In addition to their ability to showcase your wine, select Riedel Grape glasses are monogrammable. This makes them perfect for gift-giving or simply for adding to your own collection with a little personal touch. And though they’re delicate looking and beautiful, these wine glasses are dishwasher safe, so you can feel confident giving Riedel Grape glasses to someone else. Designed to hold specific types of wine, these expertly crafted glasses are best when purchased as a set that covers all the different kinds of wine you like to drink. From champagne flutes and coupes to separate glasses for grape varieties such as Syrah, Riesling and Viognier, the Riedel Grape line is designed to provide an ideal drinking experience for specific wines.

Add some delicacy and elegance to your glassware collection with Riedel Grape glasses. With a wealth of options to choose from, you can stock your cabinets with a versatile set of glassware that allows you to pair a wine with its proper glass for the best aroma and flavor while drinking. Touched through and through with Riedel’s commitment to excellence, these glasses are the perfect choice for a well-stocked home bar.