Riedel Decanters

With nearly three centuries of experience crafting the world‘s finest glassware, Riedel is an Austrian company that has cemented its place as one of the premier names that oenophiles look out for. Family owned and operated since 1756, Riedel has maintained its independence and, as a result, has been able to keep the same high standards in place for its glassware from generation to generation. Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of Riedel decanters to allow serious wine connoisseurs to aerate, serve and store wine at home. These sculptural wine vessels perfectly balance form and function to bring you the perfect pour in an elegant container that‘s absolutely fit for display.

Unlike decanters designed for spirits, Riedel decanters are purpose-built to house wine. Handmade from lead crystal and molten glass, these vessels are born out of Riedel‘s time-honored design, engineering and manufacture techniques. Because they‘re handmade by expert craftsmen, these decanters each have their own unique character while maintaining true to the structure of their design. Though each example of a specific model will have the same general look and the same specific functionality, small differences resulting from the craftsman‘s process means that no two are exactly alike. Bringing one of these decanters home means not only that you‘ll have a unique work of functional art in your home but also that you can put Riedel‘s generations of expertise to work for you.

Because they are so sculptural and beautiful, you‘ll want to display your Riedel decanter in a way you may not with your other wine tools. But though they are beautiful, they also serve a specific purpose in allowing you to give a prized bottle the appropriate time to breathe so it can reach its ideal flavor before serving. With design options including a decanter that‘s specifically formed to facilitate spill- and drip-free one-handed pouring, you can wow your guests and showcase your passion for wine without having to stand before the Court of Master Sommeliers. Whether you‘re a new collector or you‘ve been tasting and stocking wines in a cellar for decades, a carefully designed and properly functioning Riedel decanter is a must-have addition to your collection of wine tools.

When paired with a diverse collection of Riedel wine glasses, these Riedel decanters will be ready to become an integral part of your approach to serving and drinking wine. Designed to be beautiful enough to hold center stage on your dinner table, these decanters are an excellent choice for a sophisticated home.