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When you want a gift for the home, tabletop gifts are an ideal choice. From decanters to bar tools to outdoor dinnerware, Williams Sonoma offers a wide array of items that are ideal for gift-giving situations. The top tabletop gifts that virtually any cook would love could include wine glasses and champagne flutes, available in a variety of shapes and styles. You can count on the superior craftsmanship and highest quality in our glassware. The various stemware collections and decanters available are products of both in-house design and the assistance of industry experts, which results in the finest finished product.


Many cooks like to collect accessories for serving guests. Having an array of different baskets, bowls and trays lends distinction and style to any table. Setting a formal table is easy with a silver-plated tea tray or a round hammered tray in polished stainless-steel. These trays are so versatile that they mix and match perfectly with other accessories. Vintage designs lend a timeless aesthetic to any table. A casual table might be the perfect place for a hand woven basket, crafted by skilled artisans. Use this type of basket for holding freshly baked breads, or place it on a buffet to hold napkins or utensils for guests. A clear lacquer covers the tight weaving, so these basket wipe clean easily.


Whether serving guests or family, serveware such as platters and bowls makes a pretty presentation on the table. You’ll find something for every style with many pieces designed to fit the seasons of the year. Choose a sunflower platter for the summer or a pumpkin platter during the autumn months. Sophisticated white porcelain never goes out of style, and it’s perfect for any type of dinner and during any season of the year. Be creative with the different platter shapes available, choosing from round, oval and rectangular. Serving bowls of copper, glass, porcelain and wood will match any table setting.


Serving up a memorable meal involves flatware serving pieces. When salad is on the menu, choose from a variety of salad servers. You can’t go wrong with either copper or stainless-steel. Many different wood materials are also available, including bamboo, walnut, teak and olivewood. Wood salad servers are expertly crafted, and no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Flatware hostess sets are also available to match place settings. Accessories such as a silver-plated cake serving set and prep-and-serve forks and spoons make serving an easy and enjoyable process. Many sets include a storage box to keep the pieces safe between uses.


Take the party outdoors with our outdoor dinnerware. Melamine is the ideal material for outdoor dinnerware, because it is both strong and beautiful. Melamine can take on the qualities of ceramic, porcelain and earthenware. It also resists scratching, it’s shatterproof and it is dishwasher safe, making it the perfect dinnerware for busy cooks who like to serve outdoors or in households with small children.


Beer and wine storage is a crucial component for storing beverages at the optimal temperature. A portable wine cellar or wine refrigerator fits conveniently under a counter, enabling you to set the temperature exactly where you want it. The wine racks glide out easily to access the bottles. A mobile draft beer dispenser puts a half keg of beer at your fingertips, keeping it perfectly chilled too. Don’t forget to choose a wine rack to keep your bottles organized. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for someone else or yourself, you’ll find plenty of accessories to inspire cooking and serving when you shop our generous selection of tabletop and bar items.