Home Bar Sets

Similarly to when you are preparing a fine meal, entertaining guests for cocktails or after-dinner drinks requires having the right equipment available. A home bar set allows you to create the perfect cocktail every time, and have the right tools on hand to make a drink customized to your guests’ preferences. From special knives to shakers, you will be a better bartender at home with the right set of tools.

To only take up minimal space on your countertop, consider a stainless-steel bar tool set with an included stand. The stainless-steel construction resists corrosion and scratching while looking sleek and professional on the counter. This set is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Included tools that help to make memorable cocktails include a jigger for measuring the pour, a strainer for pouring chilled shots or martinis, bottle opener to tackle import and craft beers, a stirrer, a garnish knife and ice tongs. Bar tools are fairly universal and many sets do include the same items. However, some of the tools may be of more necessity to you than others are. If you are in a martini-drinking household, or plan to serve up drinks to your guests, a strainer is an absolute must. It is also a good idea to look for a bar set with an included cocktail shaker to shake up the perfect gimlet or highball.

Those who are searching for the ideal gift may appreciate our Williams-Sonoma monogrammed bar set. Add a group of initials or a monogram to a stainless-steel bar tool set for a terrific complement to your home bar or a great gift for the holidays or a special occasion, such as a housewarming or engagement. If craft beer and microbrewing is a passion of yours, a crafthouse bar set is an ideal choice to go along with a glassware set. Great for cutting fruit, this tool set includes a wooden cutting board, a bar knife, a peeler and a channel knife. All of the cutlery has a stainless-steel construction for terrific durability. A completist may enjoy a wooden bar tools set with an included cocktail shaker. Use the jigger to measure the perfect pour, or use the strainer with a sleek wooden handle to pour an after-dinner Manhattan. Other tools feature ice tongs and a cocktail stirrer. A stainless-steel construction lends to durability so that your bar set lasts for years.