Garnishing Tools

From margaritas to lemon drops and myriad other cocktails, a salt- or sugar-rimmed glass is the perfect finish to an expertly crafted drink. With the right tools, you can elevate your mixed drinks from the ordinary to the extraordinary, giving your guests a professional-quality cocktail to enjoy with just the right garnish. Williams-Sonoma can help get you there with a collection of cocktail garnishing tools that you’ll find in fine restaurants and bars all over the world. Our product selections include elegant stainless-steel cocktail picks, which are a definite step up from an ordinary toothpick, and a professional cocktail rimmer that can allow you to put everything from kosher salt to cookie crumbs around the rim of a glass.

Cocktail rimmers allow you to add small dry garnishes to the rim of a cocktail glass. This is a standard way of giving an extra dimension of flavor and texture to the lucky individual who gets to consume the drink inside the glass. The drinker’s lips will make direct contact with whatever you use to rim the glass, so it’s best to choose something that will enhance the flavor of your drink. You can use anything from herbed salt to fine, colored sugar or even sprinkles - anything that will taste good, enhance your presentation and impress your guests.

Creativity is a major hallmark of modern bartending. If you have a well-stocked bar cart with all the right tools and liquors, don’t neglect your garnishes. Our reusable stainless-steel cocktail picks can add just the right touch to your drinks. While stuffed olives and cocktail onions are classic choices, modern bartenders are pushing the limits and introducing new garnishes to their drinks, much to their patrons’ delight. You can keep it simple by opting for a delicious Luxardo cherry garnish rather than the electric-red maraschino, or you can get creative and skewer everything from cubes of cured meat and pickles to stuffed jalapenos or mini kebabs of fruit and herbs.

Our cocktail garnishing tools enable you to add extra color, flavor and texture to your mixed drinks. If you want to step beyond the traditional olive garnish for your regular martini, opt for a cocktail pick stacked with pickled peppers instead. Or, if you prefer a sweet drink, try rimming your glasses with flavored sugar before adding your shaken cosmo. These tools can help you expand your horizons and harness your bartending creativity, bringing your home bartending routine into a whole new dimension.