Wine Serving Accessories

Having the right tools on hand to present, serve and keep a bottle of wine is essential. Whites and reds should be treated differently for storage, and there are tools that can help seal in the flavor of your wine so that you are able to revisit it at a later date. In addition to wine openers and aerators, there are other tools that not only help preserve wine, but make serving wine fun.

A simple, zinc wine stopper has the ability to preserve both wine and champagne for a period of time. Opt for a set of two stoppers should you need to use both at once for differing bottles. A silicone stopper construction ensures that the stopper fits snugly in any bottle of wine or champagne, sealing in flavor and freshness. These stoppers are BPA-free to ensure safety and prevent harmful toxins from entering your wine. For a more intricate method of preserving your wine, opt for a set that includes both a vacuum pump and stoppers, sealing in flavor and freshness tightly. Exclusively from Williams-Sonoma, this wine stopper set makes a great housewarming gift, or is ideal for your own home use. The vacuum extracts the air from open wine bottles while pushing a rubber stopper in to seal flavor. This type of wine set fits universally with all types of wine bottles. For those who would like a simpler method, select a simple silicone stopper with a zinc finish to seal open bottles of wine

Consider a champagne resealer for those times when you have leftover champagne or sparkling wine you want to reserve for another day. This spring-loaded mechanism fits onto any champagne bottle securely, and its stainless-steel design is tough and durable. Another accessory you may need for wine serving is a foil cutter if there is not an included one on your wine opener. This handy tool wraps around the top of any wine bottle, seamlessly removing foil quickly and easily.

To make entertaining and wine serving a bit more fun, look for accessories like metallic wine glass markers or blind tasting sleeves. The markers allow you to put names or other writing on your wine glasses, essentially allowing you to use them as place cards. This is an interesting way to lead guests to their correct seat for a dinner party. Blind tasting sleeves are great for a fun party activity. Simply slip the sleeves onto the wine bottles to allow guests a taste without knowing the brand or the type.