Cocktail Glasses

For your next dinner or cocktail party, take pride in the fact that you have every type of cocktail glass to satisfy all of your guests’ drink orders. Having a fully stocked bar is important for a dinner party or special occasion, but having the right glassware certainly puts the finishing touch on the evening. From martini glasses to snifters, you can make your next occasion memorable with one of the many cocktail glass choices offered by Williams-Sonoma.

An exceptional way to start, or end, the evening is with a martini served straight up. Whether your guests prefer gin or vodka, you should have the right glassware available with a range of different types of martini glasses. Sold in a set of four, Dorset glasses are crafted from lead crystal and are dishwasher-safe, while a simple set of Crafthouse martini glasses also works well for an entertaining evening. You may also serve a martini, gimlet or Manhattan straight up in a fashionable Nick and Nora cocktail glass. Aptly named after the raucous duo from the 1930s “The Thin Man” series, these glasses take entertaining to the next level. The laser-cut rims are chip-resistant, and virtually any straight-up cocktail works well in these dishwasher-safe glasses.

For a champagne toast or even a regular cocktail, coupe glasses are delicate and lively, pairing well with a myriad of cocktails. Those who are purists may want a Manhattan in a specific Manhattan glass, which has the depth just perfect enough for the cherry to rest. Enjoy an after-dinner beverage with a clear glass brandy snifter. These snifters, like many of our other available cocktail glasses, have the ability to be monogrammed, rendering them ideal for your bar collection or making them the perfect gift for friends and family.

For harder drinks, consider a set of thistle whiskey glasses with an elongated bowl. This special design allows the aroma of fine whiskeys to escape, so you are able to enjoy your drink from start to finish. These also work well as everyday-use glasses and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Consider shot glasses for pouring single shots and an evening of fun. For an outdoor party, opt for a set of colorful margarita glasses to get the party started. Classic enough for inside use yet durable enough for a backyard barbecue, you can make summer a splash with these wild cocktail glasses. There are also similar outdoor wine glasses for outdoor parties and for evenings by the pool.