Beer Glasses

When you want to kick back with a cold beer on a hot day, what you drink it from is nearly just as important as the beverage that you choose. That is why Williams-Sonoma offers a unique selection of beer glasses for every type of beer and every beer-drinking occasion. When most people think of beer glassware, pint glasses may be the first thing that come to mind. These are the ones you find in most American restaurants and bars, and they are typically versatile enough to hold any type of beer. Pint glasses are easy to clean and stack well in your cabinets for better storage. You will find that they typically hold 16 or 20 ounces of liquid. The thin, straight glasses also keep your beer cooler longer. If you do not have room for glassware to suit each of your favorite beers, pint glasses are the way to go.

Beer mugs, or steins as they are often called, are another popular option for drinking your favorite brew. A good mug is large and sturdy and, like the pint glass, suits any type of beer. Few things can match the feel of a cool glass handle in your hand after a long day.

You cannot set up an appropriate home bar without a set of pilsner glasses. These glasses are thinner at the bottom with wider mouths that help you maintain that beautiful foamy head. Pilsners typically only hold about 12 ounces of liquid. Sometimes referred to as wheat beer glasses, pilsners show off the gorgeous golden colors of your favorite wheat beer, lager or pilsner, and they are easier to hold onto.

If you want to take your beer game to the next level, you might add a set of IPA glasses to your collection. They are similar to the pilsner glasses, but they are a bit on the curvier side. These glasses enhance the aroma and flavor of your favorite India pale ale without compromising the frothy head. Some of the newer beer glasses on the market, a set of IPA glasses from Spiegelau is sure to impress your guests. Spiegelau also makes a popular lager glass suitable for your favorite lagers, Irish stouts and India pale ales.

Many of our beer glasses can be monogrammed or personalized with your initials or your last name. NFL fans can also add their favorite team’s logo to some of our glasses. Whether it is the first game of the season or a Super Bowl party, you can toast those touchdowns in style.