Pizza Ovens

It’s not just kids who adore the crispy, gooey, flavorful taste of pizza. Americans eat approximately 350 slices of pizza a second. At Williams-Sonoma, we share your love of pizza. We provide outdoor pizza ovens that let you satisfy your craving for fresh-baked pies whenever you want. Outdoor pizza ovens can warm a frozen pizza and keep the take-out variety toasty, but they really shine when you use them to craft your own custom pizzas. Toss some organic vegetables and low-fat cheese on a whole-grain crust, and turn this traditional junk food into a healthy and delicious main course. When creating your own pizza, you decide exactly what ingredients you want and how much. Kids have fun choosing and sprinkling their own toppings. Chopping doesn’t take long if you use a food processor.
Our pizza ovens offer several heating options and precise temperature control. The Kalamazoo Artisan Fire outdoor pizza oven, for example, features gas-fueled top and bottom burners that heat independently from each other so that you can ensure your crusts are toasted perfectly and the cheese gets lightly browned and bubbly. Once the oven reaches full temperature, it only takes three minutes to cook a pizza. A few handy pizza tools, such as stones, lifters, crispers, cutters and wheels, take the pies safely from oven to plate. If inclement weather keeps you from going outside, then a toaster oven can cook pizza faster than a conventional oven since it heats quicker.