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New Arrivals in Outdoor Cookware and Accesories

When thinking of summer, often the first thing that comes to mind is sitting outside with friends and family, enjoying the wonderful taste and aroma of food fresh off the grill. Grilling adds a whole new dimension to the foods we eat every day, transforming them into something special and memorable. And though grilled steaks and chicken are popular and delicious, some of the most pleasantly surprising flavors come from grilled vegetables and other uncommon items. A set of grill tools help you obtain the best results when cooking these outdoor mainstays. Williams-Sonoma invites you to be innovative with your grill and throw culinary caution to the wind. Our cooking accessories let you go beyond your limits and experience new tastes and textures.
The Nonstick Steel Grill Fry Pan allows you to grill things that might never have thought possible. In addition to traditional proteins, feel free to grill shrimp, fish and oysters, all seasoned to perfection. Our seafood tools reduce prep time significantly. Or grill chicken breasts showered with fresh herbs, lemon slices and more. Even vegetables that were difficult or impossible to grill before now represent no problem. Cherry tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, mushrooms and sliced vegetables are just a few potential ideas. Cedar planks are another rising grilling accessory. They leave a distinctive impression on food and combine well with grilled salmon and other fish. Soak cedar planks the night before in wine and herbs to infuse grilled food with delicious notes.