<h3>Food Storage Containers</h3><p>At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a range of food storage containers for every need in the kitchen. From food storage and drink storage to jars for preserved foods, choose whatever best fits the need. Properly storing food items ensures their freshness and presentation, and we have the right items on hand to help you out. Our basic food storage containers come in either BPA free shatterproof materials or glass bases with flexible, airtight lids. These food storage containers are ideal for a range of kitchen items, from flour and pasta to dried foods. The clear containers make it easy to see what is stored, and they easily fit in refrigerators or kitchen cabinets. Maximize the space in cabinets by using a <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/homekeeping/countertop-organization/lazy-susans">lazy Susan</u></a>. These come in many materials, including wood, ceramic and marble. Simply place them in a cabinet or shelf, and enjoy twice as much space while keeping everything in easy reach.</p><br><p>For liquids, take a look at our working glasses containers as well as our juice jars. Working glasses containers are a French creation, made of soda lime glass. The glasses have ten sides for an easy grip and include plastic BPA free lids. This makes it simple to make juice with an <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/electrics/electrics-juicers/">electric juicer</a></u>, and you’re immediately able to store it or take it on the go. We offer a range of juicers, from slow juicers and micro juicers to orange juicers. Juicing is a great way to enjoy a large serving of fruits and vegetables in an easy way, and is a great alternative to morning <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/food/food-coffee">coffee</a></u> Also take a look at our juice jar, which comes in sets of three. The design dates back to the 1900s. The glass has a rubber ring and metal clamp lid for the ultimate seal. These are great for milk as well.</p><br><p>We also have a range of mold jars for preserving food. The clamps are made of stainless steel, and the jars are perfect for preserving using the boiling water bath canning process. Choose from a range of sizes, and fill them up with items as varied as jam to dried foods. We also have a range of <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/agrarian-garden/agrarian-canning-preserving">canning and preserving supplies</a></u>. From fruit crushers and jam pans to water bath canners, we offer all the tools necessary to make a batch of great preserved foods. Preserved foods are ideal for long term storage, for the taste of fresh fruits and veggies even in the winter. As well, jams make for great homemade gifts.</p><br><p>In addition, we have many specialized food storage containers. For example, our stainless-steel oil can is great for home chefs that would like to be able to pour precise amounts of <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/food/oils-vinegars/oils">olive oil</a></u> while cooking. It comes with a drip free spout and in an elegant steel design. Fill your specialized pourer with our house olive oil offerings, as well as extra virgin olive oil from Olio, Copper Hill and many more. With it being such a staple in the kitchen, a great bottle of olive oil also makes for a great gift for any chef. On a different note, another one of our specialized food storage containers is our ice cream storage tub. These are made from BPA free materials and have a double wall to ensure their integrity in the freezer. The airtight seal prevents freezer burn. So the next time there is a batch of homemade ice cream, make sure to have a tub on hand for proper storage. We also have <u><a href="http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/electrics/electrics-ice-cream-makers">ice cream makers</a></u> that make the process simple. The electric ice cream makers are fully automated, and are strong enough to make several batches at once. This is a great way to finish off a homemade meal, and family or guests are sure to be delighted.</p>