Spice Racks

Experienced and creative cooks know that spices are the key to a delicious and satisfying meal. There are so many things to love about a good spice collection. Adding spice to food is a good way to add flavor without adding calories, and, because they are used in such small quantities, spices are long-lasting. With a pinch here and a dash there, you can transform the flavor of your entire meal. Take your guests to exotic lands with Williams-Sonoma spices such as turmeric and cardamom, or keep it simple with parsley and mustard. Whatever spices you use can be stored in a convenient and attractive way when you aren’t using them. There is a variety of spice racks and salt keepers, for when you only need a pinch.

If you are building a new spice collection for the first time, or starting from scratch, a full spice rack is a good place to start. It also makes a perfect wedding or housewarming gift. A stylish, upright brushed stainless-steel rack holds 24 small spice jars and comes with labels for the most commonly used spices. Additional matching bottles are sold in a set of 12 to supplement your collection. This is a one-stop shop for your seasoning needs. For a spice rack with a shorter profile, try a revolving two-tier chrome spice rack that has a knob at the top to turn it easily. It holds 12 jars from our spice collection. Choose the ones you use most often and you’re ready to season your food with ease as you cook.

Another storage container to expedite cooking is a salt container. Many recipes (or ingenious creations of your own!) include just a pinch of salt. A salt keeper is a convenient and attractive container for storing salt right on the countertop so you can grab a quick pinch anytime. Because salt keepers, or salt cellars, are meant to contain salt on the countertop, it is important that they look great. There are several looks to choose from to complement your kitchen decor. Think about several choices in marble – neutral colors to match any decor – and wood, which goes with anything. Some are equipped with spoons so your pinch of salt is not so literal and your fingers stay out of the salt keeper. Some of the salt keepers are separated into multiple compartments for storing salt and pepper together, or with other spices you use frequently. Earthenware salt keepers are part of an age-old tradition. Look for a design that is richly hand-painted with a centuries-old design, or grab one that is part of a full set of Le Creuset bakeware for a kitchen full of matching stoneware. If storing spices out on the countertops is not for you, use a handy bamboo in-drawer spice rack to organize and conceal them. Our bamboo racks are designed to hold up to 12 spices inside a drawer, keeping them easily accessible but out of sight and freeing up space on crowded counters.

Aside from spices, there is another very important item in your kitchen that is typically powdered: coffee. For single-service coffee makers like the Nespresso Vertuoline models, you need an attractive place to store the coffee and espresso capsules near the machine. A stainless-steel rack serves purpose. It holds up to 20 coffee capsules, or 30 espresso capsules, and there is a space in the center to hold an extra box of capsules. There is a second rack strictly for espresso capsules that holds 30 and an extra box. Both are constructed of chrome stainless-steel that matches any kitchen decor, and they are designed to spin easily so that your morning goes smoothly. Whether you are preparing a gourmet meal or your morning cup of + More