There are many tools available when it’s time to personalize a favorite space. Just like an artist has an endless palette of colors to choose from, feel free to use a wide variety of pieces throughout the home. Wall art, home accents, rugs and lighting all change the way a room looks and feels. Williams-Sonoma has distinctive decor designed to match any style, from chic to casual. Pillows and throws are easy to use and full of character. Check out these options from our pillow and throw sale. Try out some of our tips or play by your own rules. Either way, your home wins big time.

Use solid pillows to add lots of color to any space. They provide visual excitement and beauty. If you have neutral furniture, bright pillows liven things up. And because they’re relatively small, even very vibrant choices don’t overwhelm the room. Contrasting colors – like red and blue – make a bold statement; whereas brown and green complement each other nicely. A good rule of thumb is to limit your most intense tones to two or three pieces throughout the space so they remain special.

Throws offer a larger amount of surface space to decorate with. With a few adjustments, they can be long, rectangular columns of color or a thick layer draped over an armrest. They’re a big help in minimalist designs, since a single throw hanging front-to-back across a sofa immediately elevates the whole layout.

Some people wonder where to place a throw in the living room, whether in the center of the sofa or off to one side. It depends on if you’re looking for a traditional feel – everything neatly balanced, including pillows – or something modern instead. Placing a throw off-center or hanging from one arm is very chic. On the opposite side, use an accent pillow or two for extra color. Actually, if you’re feeling especially artistic, fold the throw into a narrow swathe and hang it diagonally across the front of the sofa near one arm.

Velvet pillows – in addition their tantalizing texture – are fashionable to the max. Their sleek surface and immediate sheen provide colors that jump out at you. They’re great for rooms filled with emotion. Shades of purple and blue are conducive to reflection when used in the bedroom. Pleated velvet pillows invite you to sink down into softness at the same time. Use elegant gold and silver pillows anywhere; they match both light and dark wall colors.

Patterned accent pillows add another dimension of style. Turn your living room into an exotic trip to the Orient or a walk down a runway in Milan with distinctive motifs. Geometric patterns – especially together with orange, green, pink or gold – are reminiscent of India. White pillows with a striking expression of color easily become focus pieces in the room. Neutral colors and repeating designs are helpful for layered effects together with other decor.

There’s no reason to choose only one kind of pillow or throw for a space. Go ahead and decorate using a few solids, some supporting motifs and one or two standout pieces, all in the same room. That creates lots of interesting color and texture combinations that leave guests speechless. Plus, the more comfortable your living room or bedroom is, the warmer it feels.

In fact, you don’t even have to go with similar shapes or sizes. One sofa might have several extra-large pillows, three or four smaller squares, and a velvet oblong for good measure. Rectangular pillows stretched along a low-profile sectional are very artistic. If you want, place some thick 20x20 pieces in between the gaps. A throw laid gently underneath them completes the look.

Think about the vibe you want when picking out pillows. If it’s rustic, get a few leather accents in slightly different shades. For something luxurious, try faux fur throughout the living room or bedroom. A brilliant crystal chandelier pairs well with a lavish design. And if you’re looking for a laid-back space to relax with your family, think about a couple of cashmere throws in natural tones.