Outdoor Pillows

How can you make your outdoor lounge area feel truly inviting and refined? Think about how you dress your indoor seating areas. If you like using accent pillows to add style and comfort indoors, do the same outdoors. With Williams-Sonoma Home’s outdoor pillows, you can embrace the same sense of plush comfort on your lawn or patio as you do in your living room or bedroom. These pillows are carefully designed to stand up to wind, sun and rain, giving you consistent decorative appeal and soft comfort outside your home. With a wide range of prints and colors to choose from, our outdoor pillows are a fantastic way to polish up outdoor seating arrangements for maximum appeal.

These outdoor pillows work well with any type of outdoor furniture. Whether you have a large outdoor sectional sofa or a casual hammock, our all-weather pillows bring extra support for your head or back as you lounge and enjoy your time in the fresh air. Add a pillow to deep-set dining or armchairs in your outdoor area or pile a few on top of a rug by your poolside to create a casual, bohemian-style lounge area with just the right amount of softness and support. Anything you can dream, you can do with these versatile pillows.

Like patio umbrellas and outdoor rugs, outdoor pillows are part of a thoughtful approach to outdoor decor that takes luxury and comfort into account. The modern approach to outdoor relaxation operates under the idea that indoor comforts are just as good under the sun as they are within the walls of your house. There’s no need to “rough it” – there’s room for beautiful accessories and comfortable accents in your yard, too. Our outdoor pillows are part of this refreshing approach to outdoor entertaining and relaxation. They’re built to last under outdoor conditions while also being beautiful and soft.

These pillows provide lovely decor for your outdoor furniture. We offer several different colors, including bright greens and reds, deep blues and chic black and white. Add a punch of tropical hue to your outdoor arrangement or keep your space sleek and sophisticated with a restrained neutral palette. You can mix and match different colors or pick out multiple different patterns in the same shade. We offer several different prints to choose from, including several abstract repeating patterns and some scenic botanical prints. Choose the styles that work best for the look you’re going for, whether it’s Miami art-deco chic or Nantucket nautical.

As you shop for your outdoor pillows, remember that many of the options in our collection sell as pillow covers only rather than complete cover-and-insert pillow sets. We offer a specially designed outdoor pillow insert stuffed with plush, fast-drying polyfill, making it the perfect choice for your outdoor spaces. When stuffed inside one of our all-weather outdoor pillow covers, these inserts stay clean and fresh, even if they happen to get caught in a passing rainstorm. You can leave your outdoor pillows in place for day at a time, but to give them their best chance at a long life, you may want to bring them inside when you know inclement weather or a long period of disuse is on the horizon.

Whether you prefer a warm pink shade of melon or you want to keep your outdoor lounge furniture bathed in cool blue hues, this product category delivers. No matter what your style and approach, our collection of outdoor pillows has options to suit your fancy. Spot clean your outdoor pillows if they happen to suffer any spills during your fun summertime entertainment. With great designs and the ability to withstand a sudden summer shower, these outdoor pillows are both rugged and beautiful.