Lighting elevates a stylish home even more. It makes your decor stand out and accentuates room colors. Light has the power to design moods, from laidback to sophisticated and more. It comes in many flavors, and at Williams-Sonoma, you can try them all. Here are some tips to choosing light fixtures for every room of your house. There’s no better time to get creative than during a lighting sale.

If you want to create a modern living room, lots of illumination is prerequisite. Artistic touches look better in a bright space. Start off with a sleek chandelier above your coffee table. That provides ample ambient light for the room. In the corners, tall floor lamps fill in any areas that need more light and also give the space an art house feel. White walls and subtle furniture colors makes your wall decor and home accents the focus of the living room. To really draw attention to a favorite work of art, place a chic sconce on each side.

Make your bedroom instantly inviting with lots of indirect lighting. To infuse it with warmth, you have a couple of options. Sconces distributed around the room add some elegance and a romantic ambience. They work really well with darker paint colors like browns, grays and reds. A chandelier in the bedroom gives it extra personality. With a lamp on your nightstand, it’s easy to alternate moods throughout the day. Enjoy lots of brightness when you wake up in the morning as you get ready for work. Then, when you start getting sleepy at night, flip off your main light and turn on the softer lamps to rock you gently to sleep.

Here’s how to create a luxurious bathroom. If you already have touches of granite or marble in your bath, you definitely want to draw attention to that. Not only does it impress guests in the visitor’s bathroom, it also transports you every day to a five-star hotel when you get to pamper yourself. In this case, the principal ceiling light – probably a pendant with misted glass – provides as much light as possible without being the focus of the room. Instead you want eyes to be drawn to an opulent mirror with a pair of stylish sconces. Choose crystal sconces for rays of twinkling lights, or small shades if you just want the glow.

Looking to blow guests away at the dining room table? Lighting has the power to make it happen. In the dining room, pull no punches. The centerpiece you choose depends on your personal style. Either way, you want people to see it right away, especially if your table is made of glass. For something modern, look for clean contours and simple shapes with shining metallic accents. Formal dinners are a big hit with an impressive chandelier overhead, drawing attention to your culinary expertise. Or create a vintage space with fluted shades made of antique brass or oiled bronze.

Let light stimulate your imagination in a chef’s kitchen. A bright kitchen gets you excited about trying new recipes, fills you with energy, and helps you maintain a positive attitude during the day. So what areas need illumination? The most light should be concentrated over your work space, usually the kitchen island. But it’s not all practical only. Use a three lamp pendant with clear glass to channel your inner French chef. Or go with a long, rectangular piece fashioned from dark metal to turn your cooking area into an industrial kitchen instead. If your home has an open concept, coordinate lighting styles between the kitchen and dining room, maybe even using the same pendants in both locations.

Get inspired in your home office. Lighting has a huge effect on your work day. It makes you more productive and creative. So don’t skip it when personalizing your home. Choose artistic pieces that get you excited. A pendant or two with shiny contours puts a smile on your face and provides lots of light. Or go with a floor lamp for a studio feel. A task lamp on the desk is a big help when working late.