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Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining room chandeliers along with dining tables are the central visual elements of the room and they often dictate its overall design theme. Owing to their ornate and even grandiose designs, dining room chandeliers naturally attract attention, which makes it even more important that you choose one that is just right for the room. However, given the diversity of available designs, it is easy to make the mistake of settling for a chandelier that you fancy and not the one that suits your room. Choosing your dining room chandelier according to size is a good way to start your search and it narrows down your choices for the other aspects, such as chandelier type and style.

Williams-Sonoma has a fine selection of dining room chandeliers for you to choose from and they come in different types, sizes and styles. Among the standard types of chandeliers include candelabra chandeliers, tiered chandeliers, beaded chandeliers, reversible chandeliers, crystal chandeliers and chandeliers with shades. Crystal chandeliers are perhaps what most people visualize when thinking of chandeliers with their sparkling crystals that add a grandiose feeling to any room. As their names imply, tiered and reversible chandeliers refer to their particular look and function with the tiered having several layers of fixtures and the reversible types having configurations with arms and fixtures that can have up or down configurations.

Candelabra-type chandeliers are a good choice if you want or already have a dining room with a Colonial theme. For a more relaxed design, the beaded chandelier types are your best bet, and there is a wide choice of materials for the beads. Much like shaded pendant lights, chandeliers with shades have a versatile design. Choose this type of chandelier, especially the types with interchangeable shades if you wish to change the mood or lighting effect in the dining room.

Before you select any type of chandelier, however, it is important that you first determine the size that you want for your dining room. The general rule when deciding on the size of the chandelier is to have this lighting system measure to approximately a third of the size of the dining table, as it should always be directly on top of it. Rectangular and oval dining tables can have a wider chandelier. There should also be about 30 to 34 inches of clearance between the table and the chandelier so check both the dimensions of the chandelier and the mounting points when taking measurements.

When deciding on the intensity of illumination that you need, consider the existing lighting systems in the dining room, such as pendants or sconces. You can also choose dining room chandeliers with dimmers. As for the style of the chandelier, one way of choosing a type that suits your dining room would be to consider the architectural style of your home. Choose a type that either matches or complements the style of your home.