Coffee, End & Console Tables
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Coffee, End & Console Tables

What furniture do you consider essential for your living room? Sofas, love seats and other places to sit are probably at the top of the list, but without coffee and end tables, those furniture pieces feel a bit lonely, don’t they? Williams-Sonoma Home’s collection of coffee, end and console tables adds convenience and polish to your living room arrangement, providing a much-needed surface upon which to display decor, store useful items and set down drinks. Our selections in this product category coordinate beautifully with many different types of furniture, including our very own living room and lounge collections. As you browse through this section, consider both form and function for best results.

Form is an important consideration for coffee, end and console tables. You want these elements to coordinate with your seating pieces, but it’s also good for your tables to have their own style for just a little bit of contrast and visual interest. We offer coffee, end and console tables with eye-catching details and decorative elements such as metallic frames, marble tops and burled wood panels. These pieces can make a bold statement on their own or when paired with other striking furniture pieces in an elegant and sophisticated lounge area.

Functionality is also important in the living room, and our coffee, end and console tables deliver in this area as well. If you want extra storage space in your living room, we offer a variety of different pieces with functional drawers, shelves and compartments. Use these storage elements to display decorative objects and organize important tools such as television remotes. With the right decorative accents and organizational pieces, you can make your living room tables stylishly functional, with any purely utilitarian function masked by the inclusion of carefully placed accent objects. From vases of flowers to candle holders and decorative storage boxes, use these tables to create balanced, stylish vignettes that deliver convenience and beauty in equal measure.

As you create your decorative vignettes, don’t forget to add some table lamps into the mix. All of our coffee, end and console tables provide a sturdy surface upon which you can perch beautiful lamps from our collection. It’s all about synergizing comfort and style to get the exact atmospheric effect you want for your lounge areas. You can even use our console tables as media centers to wrangle all the various electronic devices and cables you need to fuel your audiovisual media system.

This media storage functionality makes our console tables suitable for use alongside your home office desk. In fact, there are several different spaces throughout your home where these coffee, end and console tables come in handy. Use a stylish coffee table for the seating area in your bedroom so you always have a convenient place to lay down your book when you’re ready for bed. Use our end and console tables to create display and organization surfaces in your entryway, hallway, dining room or kitchen. These pieces are stylish and polished enough that they can fit in just about anywhere, providing added convenience and decor to your home.

With both modern and classic options on offer in this section, you’re sure to find tables that work well in your home. Some of our coffee, end and console table styles are versatile enough to look good in either modern or traditional homes. Good design is timeless, and these furniture pieces embrace that theory with a perfect balance of form and function. Find different shapes, sizes and finishes in materials as varied as glass and stone to create the perfect look for your home. Whether you want to be glamorous and inviting or formal and impressive, this section is sure to have something to suit.