Bedroom Collections
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Bedroom Collections

Your bedding isn’t the only component you need to make a comfortable sleeping space. Bedroom furniture is an essential component in a relaxing, organized bedroom, and Williams-Sonoma Home has just the right bedroom furniture options for you. If you prefer to have a cohesive suite of matching bedroom furniture to make your room feel more polished, consider our bedroom collections. These complete collections feature beds, nightstands and dressers in matching designs, giving you the perfect foundation upon which to build your ideal bedroom. Get your foundation pieces in order before you start thinking about decor, mattresses and sheet thread counts. That way, you’ll have your basics taken care of, freeing up your focus to pick out other pieces.

Our bedroom furniture collections have just the right range of options for you to consider in putting together your perfect bedroom design. You’ll be able to mix and match pieces to assemble a stylish and efficient furniture layout that suits your exact needs. If you and your partner share a bedroom but prefer to have separate dressers, you can opt for a bedroom furniture collection that has two different dresser options so you can add some variety to the room. You may even be able to find accent pieces such as mirrors and console tables tables that match your bed and nightstands.

Though they all offer their own combination of pieces, each of our bedroom collections includes a bed. As the centerpiece of any bedroom, the bed is an indispensable part of your furniture collection. You may want to choose the collection that best suits your personal taste for how you like your bed to look and feel. We offer beds that are low to the ground without a footboard and taller options that have stately finial posts at the head and foot. Browse through our available options to see which bed catches your eye.

As you peruse our bedroom collections, don’t forget that you can always add in furniture from our full bedroom furniture category. If the bedroom collection you’ve chosen doesn’t have the exact kind of nightstand you like, for example, take a look at our other offerings in this product category. You may find something that contrasts only slightly with the rest of the furniture pieces in your chosen bedroom collection, allowing you to preserve a sense of polished cohesion to make your room feel just as stylish and put-together as you like.

Whether you choose to go for a cohesive set from one of our bedroom collections or you mix and match collection pieces with contrasting accent elements, you’ll have the power to capture your aesthetic priorities with perfect clarity. Your personal style is important all throughout your house, but your bedroom is a particularly personal space that should consistently reflect your individual style preferences. To that end, our bedroom collections embrace a wide range of different styles, ranging from formal, traditional looks to casual modern designs. Finding a bedroom collection set that matches with your personal style gives you a quick and easy way to set a tone in the room that you can then enhance with decor, bedding and other furnishings.

Some of our bedroom collections offer textured materials that you can use to add dimension and visual interest into an otherwise minimalistic bedroom. If you’d like to check out the materials before you make your final purchase, consider ordering one of our furniture swatches to see how the material looks and feels in person. This can be especially important for your bed’s headboard. Whether you’re redecorating an existing bedroom or you’re planning something for a new house, our furniture swatches help bring your vision into tangible reality.