The way you lay out your home’s furniture is important, and so are the pieces you choose. They say a lot about who you are and your creative talents. But don’t forget that the small things have a big effect too. The right decor really expresses your personality throughout the house, and makes things more exciting and interesting. Best of all, decorations are easy to move around or swap from time to time when you want to spice things up a bit. Williams-Sonoma has lots of distinctive options that inspire you and give you a hand in designing your dream room. Take advantage of our decor sale with a few decorating tips and ideas for your home.

Pick out accent pieces first. Home decor can be divided into two categories, accent pieces – ones that stand out right away – and complementary pieces. It’s a good idea to have two or three bold objects that define your vision for the room. Wood or leather decor enhances a rustic living room, for example, and the same thing goes for a vibrant blue or red lamp in an artistic space. Place them where you want your guests to look. If you have a favorite coffee table, use an interesting vase or sculpture to draw attention to it. How do you recognize accent pieces? Basically, if something jumps out at you, it does the same for your guests. So go with things you absolutely adore.

Fill in the blanks with supporting objects. These should accentuate the room’s main stars, adding just a hint of personality. Things like rugs, decorative pillows, photographs, candles and trays are a couple of possibilities. They draw the whole room together in one cohesive style. So how do you choose them? Think of the ambience you want to create. That helps you decide if something feels formal, laidback, playful, sophisticated or eclectic, and which room to use it in.

Make small spaces come to life with wall decor. Even if you’re living in an intimate apartment downtown, you can still make it feel like home. Using artwork is smart since it doesn’t take up any floor area and still brings a room to life. Shelving with favorite trinkets and photo frames are another space-saving way to decorate.

Use simple pieces with style to adorn your living room. Chances are you already have furniture that you love. So in the living room, your objective is to take it to the next level. It’s not hard. Colorful accent pillows with flair are helpful. Choose bold tones to play off of your wall colors, like a couple of bright green pillows in a blue room. Or go with pillows that have geometric patterns to give the room some Middle Eastern chic. Throws have the same effect.

Don’t forget about your entryway. It’s an important part of the home that’s often overlooked. But it’s also the first thing you see – and guests see – when walking in the door. Personalized decor makes the experience very pleasant. Use a console table with family photos, artistic objects and a large mirror to make a great first impression.

What about the bathroom? Here, your choice of lighting has a big impact on the room’s ambience. Wall sconces give it a touch of romance and relaxation, whereas bright lights get your blood pumping and help you get to work on time. Candles and small decorative objects provide some finishing touches. Oh, and colorful towels as well.

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is the one that’s the most like you. You go there to feel totally comfortable – a spot where you can just be yourself, no questions asked. The bedding you choose sets the tone of the room, and accent pieces on your dresser enhance it. Use your bedside table to relax by decorating it with whatever fills you with happiness. It could be a favorite photo, a stylish lamp for reading or even a vase for some fresh flowers.