All Decorative Accents

All Decorative Accents

Bedazzle the interior and exterior spaces of your home with decorative accessories from Williams-Sonoma. Whether your walls feel sparse or you’re searching for pieces to bring the theme of a room together, there is an assortment of chic options for your living space. Start from the bottom when decorating the room by searching for accents that complement your rug. Brightly colored accessories are a pleasing contrast to rugs with muted hues. Home accents vary greatly in size and style, ensuring there is a look for every home. Choose from sculptures, bookends and fireplace accessories to add detail to empty shelves and barren spaces around the room.

If the room lacks shelving or if the shelves are already full of decorative accents, turn to the walls. A piece of original art from a featured artist provides a conversation piece for social gatherings at your home. Tranquil landscapes with cool tones and textured brush strokes bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside your living quarters. If you crave a modern space, opt for a modern abstract painting.

Don’t let your favorite photographs or prints sit on the top shelf of your closet and gather dust. Instead, frame them so that you can hang a few in every room. Photographs are a terrific space-saving addition for every area, from your entryway to your dining room. Pay attention to the design of your picture frames to achieve your desired look. A collection of wood frames works well to create a rustic photo display on a designated wall. Mix and match the size of your pictures to give the display depth. Over time, your collection of photographs may outgrow your walls. Should this occur, turn to your bookcases, shelves and side tables for extra frame space. Surround your photos with gorgeous borders, such as mosaics, tartan patterns and gleaming stone. When your photo display needs an update or you want to swap your photos for new memories, take advantage of the adjustable easel back to change the positioning of the picture frames from horizontal to vertical.

Keep clutter at bay while enhancing the look of your home by integrating new baskets, bowls or trays. A well-placed basket keeps your possessions organized so that you can quickly find what you are searching for. Use large woven baskets to stow your blankets, craft materials and books. If the occasion calls for a night of knitting or crocheting, just grab the basket with your supplies so that you have everything you need for a few of hours of creative fun. Make the most of your spare time by ensuring that the remote controls are always within sight, rather than between the couch cushions. Table top trays work well for keeping TV remotes and gaming controllers in a designated location. In a pinch, you can use table trays to conveniently tote snacks and beverages into the living room for a movie marathon.

Candles are a versatile home accessory with multiple uses. Instantly add a romantic ambience to your dining room or den with a candelabra holding flickering tapered candles. You can also use candles to assist with relaxation or stress relief. Just position your favorite scented candle in a candle holder, light it and enjoy the serene scent.

Some individuals prefer a more natural scent, such as the smell of fresh cut flowers. Pick up a bouquet of exquisite flowers from the farmer’s market to give your whole home a floral aura. Nestle the flowers in a charming jar or vase to augment their beauty. Crystal vases look smashing in practically every type of decor, while ceramic pieces painted with floral patterns mesh well with traditional decor. Show off the splendor of each individual flower with a bud vase. This type of vase has distinct spaces to house each flower.