Salt is an almost indispensable part of cooking. Culinary traditions from around the world rely on this ingredient to enhance flavors, offset sweetness and preserve meats. When combined with pepper, it’s magical, but salt also stands on its own as a seasoning for already flavorful foods like perfectly aged steaks and garden fresh asparagus. Salt is ubiquitous, but if you think there’s no such thing as a new and different kind of salt, think again. Williams-Sonoma’s exotic cooking salts provide you with new flavor dimensions to enhance your cooking. Find new reverence for one of the most basic and time-honored cooking seasonings known to mankind.

Some of our cooking salt options are available as part of a spice blend that includes dried herbs and ground spices ready for use. Season whole chicken for roasting or add an extra dash of flavor to a quick weekday bowl of pasta. If you’re trying to watch your salt intake, a little pinch of these seasoned salt blends gives you the salty depth of flavor you love with additional taste dimensions that leave you satisfied. With options ranging from simple, classic garlic salt to more unusual varieties, such as hickory-smoked salt, our flavored salt selections add a lot of versatility and deliciousness to your pantry.

Some spice blends work best when applied after cooking, so if you’re looking for salt to season meat before it goes on the grill, opt for one of our pure, unadorned salt varieties. These include unusual and visually appealing options, such as pink Himalayan salt, which adds a flash of color, particularly when used as a finishing salt. We also have plenty of different kinds of sea salt, from French fleur de sel to Maldon sea salt and even some salt varieties harvested from Pacific Ocean seawater. Some salt sets are available, too, making it simple to create an entire salt arsenal to choose from whenever you cook.

To give our cooking salts as gifts, choose one of these sets or pair with one of our delicious pepper selections to provide an elevated take on the classic salt and pepper duo. Pair your purchase with a set of salt and pepper grinders, and you have a beautiful, functional and delicious treat for gourmet chef friends and for your own home. Salt is one of those basics that are all too easy to take for granted. Show your respect for this revered and beloved ingredient by sampling from the rainbow of salt varieties we offer.