Gourmet Pepper

Whether you crack it over a bowl of fresh pasta for cacio e pepe or you use it to season a cut of steak prior to cooking, pepper is a staple for many home cooks. You may add it to a meal by reflex, or you may carefully consider how much pepper you use in proportion to other spices to get your flavors just right. No matter what your approach, Williams-Sonoma has a variety of different whole-peppercorn pepper varieties to keep your seasoning interesting and your food delicious. Use whole peppercorns as part of spice sachets or to flavor pickles, or pop your peppercorns into a grinder to bring the irreplaceable aroma and flavor of fresh-cracked pepper into your kitchen.

Along with its partner, salt, pepper is an excellent starting point for amateur cooks who aren’t quite sure how to properly apply seasonings to the things they cook. But even expert chefs revere this spice – you’ll be hard pressed to find a recipe in any culinary tradition that doesn’t call for both salt and pepper to add a flavor foundation for other herbs and spices to stand on. If your experience with this spice has been limited to pre-ground black pepper flakes that resemble tiny bits of confetti, upgrade to the whole peppercorn experience and see what a difference it makes.

Having whole peppercorns on hands also lets you combine with other whole spices to create your own spice blends. Make your very own curry powder blend for Indian, Thai or Japanese curries, or create your own taco flavoring that eschews the additives store-bought envelopes of neon red taco spice sometimes contain. If you’re enamored with the idea of creating a signature dish you can present whenever you want to impress someone, rely on spices, including peppercorns, to give the dish that special something that leaves dinner guests begging to know your secret.

From brines to stock spice sachets and homemade spice blends you grind fresh in your own kitchen, having whole peppercorns on hand lets you explore a range of advanced culinary approaches. Even if you just put our peppercorns into a grinder, you’ll end up with a delicious depth of flavor and a special aroma you wouldn’t get with pre-ground pepper that’s been sitting in its spice jar for weeks. Expand your spice horizons and get into something special with our collection of whole peppercorns. Select a single variety or pick up a set of several types to discover the different kinds of pepper available for your use.