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Salt and pepper have the power to transform food from bland to brilliant. They have long been dependable pantry staples, but these seasonings have gone gourmet. Elevate your own cooking or thrill a home chef with a selection of Williams-Sonoma salts and peppers.

Discover the potential that flavored salts have to invigorate dishes. We have a range of salts broad enough to please the pickiest eaters. Some salts, such as the Falksalt blends, come from distant locales such as Cyprus, or in the case of Oryx Desert Salt, from Africa. Experiment by sprinkling salt infused with lemon over fish dishes or by adding a dash of hickory smoked salt to popcorn. Unlock salt’s full potential by using salt to produce cured meats in the comfort of your home.

Wow those already appreciative of gourmet salt’s versatility with the Jacobsen Salt Library. The company, based in Oregon, hand-gathers the water used to form its salt crystals from Netarts Bay. While the comprehensive salt library consists of 25 jars with flavors as diverse as vanilla bean salt and ghost chili salt, smaller selections are also available. Even those who are less comfortable in the kitchen can enjoy a cocktail salt set that enhances any beverage, from Bloody Marys to bourbons.

Our collection of peppercorns includes Tellicherry peppercorns that remain on the vine longer in order to build their signature rich flavor. Our pink peppercorns elevate cheese and poultry to the next level, while our green peppercorns offer a subtle alternative to traditional black pepper. After sampling these offerings, you will never consider salt and pepper simple seasonings again.